Mututho's dictionary according to softkenya.com

Ututho: The act of refusing to buy someone beer
Ututhoism: The act of drinking
Tuthana: Buying beer for each other
Tutho: Roundy moja
Tututho: Roundy mbili
Tatutho: Roundy tatu
Metuthos: Many
Mututhologists: Are those who mouthtuthard the beer..
Mututholeaks: Its pee after kututha
Pretutho: Drinking b4 drinking hrs.
kututha/tutharing: The act of drinking
Tunatuthana: Ukibuy na mimi nibuy
Mututhorization: The act of accepting 2 buy
Mu-tu-tho: As far as beer is concerned, ngeli ni ya mu-tu-tho
Tuthotutho: Ni kuwa mlevi
Mututhoholic: Being an alcoholic
Aatutho: Those who refuse to buy…
Mututholocks: Those locked in.
Mamtuthoosis: Wale wanadis beer
Ututhology: The study of alcohol n its effects
Tuthophobia: The fear of drinking beer b4 5pm n after 11pm lest u get arrested
Mututhorite: The favorite law
Masaa ya ututhonization: 5pm – 11pm
Tuthorization: The treatment of booze disorders
Nktutho: is the anger of being harrased by mututho’s cop
Mtutholess: an area or pub where mututho laws never exist or apply.
Kututhwa: Hangover
Postmututho: is the aftermath of tutharing.
Neomututho: Living without tutharing at will

school unlimited
1. Wingi: Mwalimu aliniita. – Answer: Waalimu walitwitter.
2.  kamilisha: Usipoziba woofer , utachoma amplifier ”
3. Tunga sentensi kutumia “changamka”. – Changa mkabuy gauge,  nakam saa hii.
4. Two luos in the bible:- nick odemas, obadiah

5. What is the most important day of the week?
a)      Terrific Tuesday
b)      Wacky Wednesday
c)      Uptown Thursday
d)      All the above

6. Which street is all Kenyan all the time? – Koinange Street.

7. Tunga Sentensi Ukitumia “Jumatatu”. – Nilitembea kwenda tao Ju Matatu Za kwetu Ziligoma!

8. What is the opposite of Wetangula – Dryangula.

9. AP stands for: A)Atakumurder Pap B)Abnormal Police B) Askari Pumbavu C)Administratin Psychopath D) Akikuja potea E)Afadhali Punda
10. Which of the following foods is NOT rich in protein a)Chips Masala b) Chips Funga c)Chips Beba

11. Malizia Methali,  Akili Ni Nywele, a.)Ujinga ni Weave b)Wazimu ni Mohawk

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