Some mps that accompanied the Ocampo 2 to the Hague are said to have floated the idea of a fully paid trip to the ICC. This they claimed should have been done without much fanfare so as not to receive Kenya's wrath. The idea was however shelved.

Still on the ICC, some members who are part of the team accompanying the Ocampo 2 to the Hague were heard complaining that there was no logic whatsoever to take the trip, since they would not even be recognized there. They however pointed that pressure from other members is their main driving force.

It was proposed that external sources had been seen as good sources for the legal fees of the Ocampo six. In an unofficial meeting between some mps, China stood tall as a possible avenue for the fees. 

 Some mps were heard asking how arap Sang lacks money for air tickets yet he was dining with the high and mighty during the planning of the violence. They were wondering why William ruto can not pay for him the tickets.

A cabinet minister who hails from coast was spotted in Loliondo.Thats right, Loliondo. That happened over the weekend. It is not clear what the minister was sick of and whether he got healed. It is also not clear whether he learnt of the faith healer from ntv or from independent sources. The latter holds more water considering the report had not been aired by Saturday last week.

 A leading media house was forced  to drop a story that was considered politically damaging to a leading presidential hopeful. The circumstances that lead to that are not clear even to the employees of the company. Some saw a move to shield the politician.

An editor with one of the leading newspapers in the country was spotted having a cup of coffee with a politician from PNU who hails from central last weekend. The reason for the meeting was not clear but as one man was heard commenting, such meetings between the the forth estate and the august house residents will be regular as 2012 approaches.

D banj and mama G have postponed a planned Naija night for Mombasa over the weekend. The event was to be hosted at Mtwapa's club Lambada this weekend. It is emerging that the event has been pushed for August.

It is emerging that the orange party was forced to change its stand on the Hague issue to save its face. It had been seen that their letter to the ICC in support for the trials had done a big PR damage to it and some high ranking officials in the party managed to convince the leadership to back down on its initial stand.

Some mps from central were heard wondering whether they would manage to keep the anti Raila fire burning till the next election. The two mps noted that Raila had managed to quell their previous momentum by deciding not to comment everytime they provoked him. According to them, this was not how they wanted the prime minister to behave.
A very high ranking official in Equity bank is said to have tried to push for the transfer of the headquarters of Muranga county from the reasonably big Muranga town to Kenol town, which is a small fraction of Muranga town. He is said to have 'bought'several MPs including the MP for Kiharu, where Muranga town is located. Apparently the official who is also a founder member has vast resources and large parcels of land in Kenol and was planning to sell them to the government once the counties are in place. The public is said to have known of this and now Kiharu MP is said to be in parliament on borrowed time. It was however decided that the headquarters would remain in Muranga town according to our mole.

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