Friday, 16 September 2011


A lot has been happening over the last couple of weeks. The first 3 suspects converged at the Hague, and completely made a fool of themselves. First was one William Ruto. This guy is said to be super intelligent but going by his choice of witnesses, that is no longer the case. Cheramboss, a total failure. All he did was tell the judges to lock up Ruto. He confirmed what Ocampo had alleged and maybe turned around the doubting judge. Case in point was when he positively attested having knowledge of setting up road blocks. The guy did not realize it was a catch and went ahead to even explain how its done. He also confirmed Ocampo's allegations that weaponry could have been handled by claiming to have training in handling them. Seriously, he was the farthest witness from right. He may have well sealed Ruto's case.

Kosgey tried to distance himself from the network. He denied any knowledge of any network while acknowledging it may have been there. This strategy may have worked for him but whether or not it is sufficient to exonerate him is doubtful.

The little man, Sang, made a similar mistake as Ruto. He brought in a witness who is allegedly part of the network. Bishop Kosgei handled himself reasonably well for most of the cross examination till he brought in UDM and Gen Koech, who by the way is a suspected commander in the network. That worked well in neutralizing the small gains Ruto's defense had made in de linking the commanders and Ruto. Again, terribly wrong choice of witness.

The other 3 must have learnt from the first group and hopefully not present wrong witnesses. Uhuru has declared himself a witness. The biggest mistake he can make. I don't think the judges will take his word very seriously since he will always reply by trying to exonerate himself. Please let me be proved wrong.

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