Saturday, 13 August 2011


The plot thickens. Miguna Miguna, prime ministers adviser on constitutional matters has been fired and left for the dogs. Apparently Miguna is not one to walk out quietly. He has gone on a revenge mission and the media is having a field day.

Persons close to the prime minister and specifically Jakoyo Midiwo and Isahakia were never pro Miguna and according to Miguna, they are the ones responsible for his sack.What makes Miguna angrier is the fact that he will have to do without the half a million he was pocketing  a month. That has made him go to court to seek legal assistance.

Why cant Miguna just walk out slowly and quietly? Some time back we would hear and read in gossip columns how some one close to the PM was giving everyone else a hell of  a time. It was also alleged that some of the strategies the alleged person was proposing to the prime minister were very misleading and may have cost him essential support from certain quarters. Some forces were fighting this person but the prime minister was not ready to let go. Events that have been happening of late suggest that Miguna Miguna was that person.

On the Star newspaper, Miguna was known for his very radical approach on issues. for instance he has written extensively of the anti reform nature of William Ruto. He has written why the renegades should be thrown out of ODM. As all this was happening, talks were ripe that the rift valley was starting to warm up to raila. The content of his column however seemed to  have thrown to the winds any chance of Raila winning back Ruto. Miguna may allege to have been writing what his boss wanted but many observers have constantly wondered what value Miguna's articles and strategies added to the PM. Was he really working for Raila?

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I don't usually do this but today i will give you why this man is the most suitable for the presidency. Before anyone reminds me that he was recently accused of corruption in his ministry, let me state here that I believe, he in fact inherited those scandals from his predecessor Karega Mutahi. The loss of those amounts of money occurred not during his tenure as PLO wrongly put it but during the tenure of Karega and Ongeri. This is supported by the fact that the civil society and the association of parents only demanded for the resignation of the minister.

So why is he the most suitable? He was able to transform the education ministry in just one year, talk about rapid results. Lets jog your memory. 2006, KCSE leakages were very widespread. In this year, almost all big schools had the original papers days before they sat for it. 2007, a new level of KCSE leakages was achieved.  School principals facilitated this. It was a booming business for knec officials. If you did not have the papers at least a week prior, you probably were not a candidate. 2008, leakages were still present but 2007 still held the record. 2009, little improvement from the previous year. Kenya's education was fast losing credibility.

2010, Ole Kiyiapi takes over. He overhauls the previous exam administration system and later in the year, KCSE leakages were almost eliminated. The situation was so bad that, it was reported that students would beat up other students who had collected funds in readiness for the leakage which failed to materialize. For the first time in as many years, even big schools did not have any leakage.

What else makes this man stand out. He is not a systems man. That's for sure. Peter Kenneth also fits this description but Ole Kiyiapi is different in that he fights more aggressively. Some time back rumour had it that  Ole Kiyiapi was about to face the sack in a scheduled cabinet reshuffle. The system does not want such men near it.

The other reason why he may be the best choice is because of lack of another alternative. Almost everyone in the field has a stain but Kiyiapi. Eliminate one by one with credible reasons and maybe only Kiyapi and Kenneth remain. Then look at the eloquence of the two. Finally compare the work the two have done and pick the best. To me Ole Kiyiapi would get my vote any day. If only his chances were real.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

THE NEAR ZERO RUTO SURVIVAL AT THE HAGUE Samoei Ruto, should finally understand the gravity of the charges Ocampo has prepared against him. For the past several months, the Eldoret north member of parliament has displayed a very confident posture, completely disregarding the Hague process in public. Privately, it is quite certain that the same cannot be said. The charge sheet prepared by Ocampo and his team was enough to silence the majority of the Ocampo six. Ruto has time and again stated that he will be on the ballot next year come what may. With less than a month before the ICC confirms or fails to confirm the charges, it is advisable that everyone holds their breath.

In the meantime, Ocampo has released some evidence against the first three group of suspects namely: Ruto, Kosgey, and Sang. It is in it that you will learn that the violence was well coordinated by among others, a military and media wing. Of course Ruto is said to have headed the military wing. Kosgey deputized him and under them were several generals and the hierarchy continues downwards. The military wing oversaw the purchase of required instruments of war. The financiers were many with Ruto and Kosgey topping the charts.

Now, come to the media wing and this is where our small man comes in.  Arap Sang broadcasted coded messages to his listeners and the intended end user would respond accordingly. Note that this are messages that only those who attended the planning meetings could decode. Prior to the broadcasts, Sang would attend the actual planning meetings where specific people would be given the tasks of calling in live during his show, and further poisoning the minds of reluctant Kalenjins. Sang was exemplary in the execution and that explains why many ordinary Kalenjins can swear the small man never spread hate messages.

All the above information is in fact  an official release by the prosecutor's office. titled ANNEX A

If you thought the above evidence is incriminatory, wait till you hear that Ocampo has another bunch of evidence called Annex B, that has only been released to the judges. So what can get worse than actual dates and venues of when a crime was committed. Definitely not newspaper cuttings and media video clips as has been alleged by some people. If any of that  is to be used, expect it in Annex A, that has already been released. Maybe we should expect video clips not in the public domain or some incredible mpesa transaction records. Don't take that seriously.

The anxiety is in the air but this time round, Ruto is expected to fly out quietly or at least not loud enough to bring business to a stand still at JKIA. Kenyans will be waiting to see which mps will buy a ticket to the Hague and who among them claimed to be so broke to afford paying tax.

The difference between this trip and the last trip is that the confirmation of hearings takes several days. This will not come cheap for even a seasoned millionaire like Ruto. For our small man Arap Sang, the fund raising he was conducting during the last visit will seem like a big joke. Maybe if you have a few coins to spare you can contribute to the Arap Sang Hague Kitty by clicking here.

Monday, 1 August 2011


Politics aside, Google has given Kenya and Tanzania the best gift yet. On today's google homepage, (02/08/2011), the doodle is all about the great wildebeast migration between the Masai Mara and the Serengeti. Clicking on the amazing doodle that has the wildebeast's horns forming the name google, will take you to the search results of of the phrase wildebeest migration.
The doodle is available on ,  and . considering that gets hundreds of millions of searches every day, that is simply the biggest publicity anyone can ask for. Whether the government banks on this is a matter that only time will tell.

Here is the doodle.. click it for the search results.


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