Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Deputy prime minister, finance minister and king of the slopes, Uhuru Kenyatta has visited Murang'a county over the recent past, more times probably than any other place in Kenya. The most memorable visit was the mammoth crowd where he was proclaimed King in Murang'a town in late March. It was during the run up to the Hague appearance and since the momentum was nationwide, it was only fair for Murang'a not to be left behind. However, he had been in the same county just a few weeks prior to the visit.

After coming back from the Hague, Uhuru has been in Murang'a at least thrice. So what is in this county that catches the eye of the deputy premier? The most logical answer is Peter Kenneth. Peter Kenneth hails from Gatanga constituency, Murang'a county. He is probably the biggest political export from Murang'a after matiba. He may not hail from Kiharu constituency, where Murang'a town is located, but he is known to be well loved there and throughout the county. The leaders from Murang'a  with the exception of Michuki are known to be in Uhuru's camp halfheartedly. Mbau almost wrestled Kabogo when that was reminded to him.

It is no secret that the kikuyu love this man Uhuru. Those from Murang'a love him more, and that is supported by the number that turned up for his mega rally. The problem however is that they also love Peter Kenneth. The respect given to him is mainly because of his soft spoken nature, and lack of directly and with use of hard words attacking Kenyatta. This has made Uhuru lack something to finally finish Peter Kenneth. Use of harsh words on kenneth by Uhuru may bring disastrous results on the latter since in the eyes of the public Kenneth is an innocent angel who they may well vote for to punish his attackers.

For camp Uhuru , central province unity is paramount for him to have any chance of election in the event he is on the ballot. Central province also incorporates all the Kikuyu in other provinces. A split brought about by Kenneth is the last thing Uhuru wants. The key preventing such an occassion, is taming Kenneth right from his turf in Murang'a. That may explain why uhuru can't miss a chance to be in this county. If Kenneth fails to get favour from his own backyard, chances are he will not get any votes from elsewhere. He may even not be in a position to bargain for a running mate position as has been rumoured. If Uhuru can somehow win over total support from this county, then central is his to lose.

Despite Martha Karua been another challenger, the feeling is that Kenneth can emerge stronger considering his ability to win over  top political leaders and members of parliament as opposed to Karua who has failed to get endorsement of any mp.

Uhuru may also have some hope that Peter Kenneth will finally jump to his camp, when options run out. Murang'a  and Kenneth will surely continue to be on Kenyatta's diary between now and 2012.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mps Who Have Refused To Pay Taxes

The small matter of taxes keeps coming up. This is the first time that mps have come closest to paying their taxes but closest isn't good enough, whether they will pay or not is still not clear. Bravo to those of them who have paid, among them, President Kibaki, Prime minister Raila, Vice president Kalonzo, Ferdinand Waititu, Mutava Musyimi, Sonko,Margaret Wanjiru and any other not highlighted here, but of course the biggest applause should be spared for those who had been paying prior to this fracas. Peter Kenneth and Johnstone Muthama have been exceptional.

Some Mps are just amazingly unbelievable. The issue of some letters promising you not to pay up should not come up unless there is a supporting clause from the constitution. At the end of the day, the president and the prime minister are just politicians, just like you. Every time, you are breaking the promises you made to your constituents yet you do not want any promise made to you to be broken. In any case, whether you supported the new constitution or not, Kenyans would  still have voted for it anyway.

That some of the mps take home less than sh20,000, is just funny. You were provided with a mortgage, you took it, then came the car loan, you took it. Almost sh20 million in your first year. As if not enough, your kids are schooling in the best schools, many of which are abroad. The last thing people expect from you is to blame the taxman for your woes. Life must continue and taxes must be paid. Plan your finances.

Going through the list of those who are not willing to pay taxes and three of them particularly stand out. Eldoret North mp, William Ruto, filthy rich by whatever measures. Probably earns tens of millions every month from his businesses. sh 200,000 a month should not be anything you cannot afford. Though he has not refused to pay publicly, he has also not said he will pay. Been a leader with an eye for the top seat, how should Kenyans expect you to lead them. Uhuru Kenyatta, arguably a member of the richest family in Kenya. Speak up and state your position. That's what leaders do. Stanley Githunguri, quite old, so rich. Pay up your taxes.

Some Mps are genuinely broke for sure. Now that is where a walk to Times Tower should come in handy. Let them go and negotiate a unique payment plan for themselves in installments that will not shut down their lives. Hiding in packs will not do anyone any good. Speaker Marende should have realised that some funny MOU's will not get the backing of even the junior most magistrate. Here is a list of some mps who are still admant of not payijng their taxes.

Those capable but yet to pay
Uhuru Kenyatta
William ruto
Stanley Githunguri
Ephraim Maina
John Michuki

Mps who have refused to pay adamantly
Eugene Wamalwa
Fred Kapondi
Mwangi Kiunjuri
Kenneth Marende
Elias Mbau
Charity Ngilu
John Mbadi
Mutula Kilonzo
Joshua Kutuny
Olago Aluoch
John Pesa
Jamleck Kamau
Shakeer Shabir
Orwa Ojode
Asman Kamama
Among others...

Most mps have resorted to silence and that is proof that they are not willing to pay but are also not willing to be victimized by the public. Whether some mps have paid silently is quite likely but next to impossible considering the publicity every politician would love.

Threats of stripping off the spouses of the top three their benefits have been floated. Also stripping off the retirement benefits of the president has been considered as an option. As that is been done, please remember to pay your taxes honourable members. Not paying taxes for anyone with an income of below Sh 30,000 could be welcome news to many, but please do not use emotions to make a move that would spell disaster for the Kenyan economy.

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