Monday, 25 April 2011


Since the Ocampo six arrived from the Hague and attended their home coming bash, there has been very little politics in the country and the silence is deafening. Every week, we were all glued to our screens listening to the bickering of our politicians. Until two weeks ago, watching news was fun. Whether or not you like the uhuru and ruto alliance, you most probably loved listening to them. Now, none of them is talking and watching of news is no longer a priority for many.

Many of us cried that the media blackouts the ocampo two and I think uhuru and ruto indeed read the mood and blackouted themselves. As a result of that, news have lost taste and all I hear is the food prices. I acknowledge that the media is highlighting the plight of ordinary mwananchi, but I don't think ordinary mwananchi has been programmed to sit down and watch the 9. oclock news to the end if there is no political noise. I dont know how we got here but I know if Kenyan's continue like this, we will not end well.

Part of the reason for the obsession with politics is the media itself. Over the years they have fed us tonnes of it and miles of it in print. They would rather rush to cover a politician giving a stupid statement than cover some story that will keep Kenyans laughing the rest of the night. Citizen recently launched a series called truth meter on sunday live. The reasoning must have been that the kenyan politico class  would continue making remarks that would make it a must watch. However, watching it this sunday showed that it has failed to serve that purpose well. Throughout the week, little political statements were made and thus truth meter was giving us info that we already have.

The catchy headlines that characterized our newspapers are also gone. This has without a doubt left the media with decreased revenue. Maybe politics is indeed the driving force for many businesses and lack of it is been felt everywhere. You better watch this space because the next time there is a big political function, the media will breathe and bloggers will write.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


According to Rev. Timothy Njoya, Kenyans are mistaking the two thieves on the cross for Jesus Christ and the two thieves are working hard to make people believe that they are in deed the sons of  God, going down because of the sins of others and will eventually come out heads high. According to Njoya, they are making us believe they will have suffered not for their sins but for the sins of one man they love referring to as Kimundu.

That was Njoya on Capital talk, and his words, though said in a rather radical manner should get Kenyans of goodwill thinking and reasoning. Njoya appeared very disappointed in the men of cloth who have been offering prayers to the Ocampo 3. I use 3 because I have listened to the voice of Kenyans who have raised concern over the victimization of the whole bunch of Ocampo 6, yet it is only one half that has the guts to open their mouths and feed Kenyans what they themselves don't even believe in. Njoya went ahead and commended Cardinal Njue and cannon Karanja for not joining those in the entourage. That opened my eyes to the fact that on national holidays, or when an event beneficial to the nation is taking place, that is the caliber of religious men who will be invited. For the dirty works however, only those business men hiding behind the pulpit plus a few select men from the mainstream church who are after building royal contacts, will be invited. As all this is happening, a group of IDP's is on their way to Nairobi from Gilgil on foot. No religious leader is waiting to meet them.

What has Kenya become? Where in the world would priests compromise their faith to such an extent. Dining with sinners was Jesus' hobby but for the sole purpose of converting them to believers. The opposite is true for our case. 'Bishops' are dining with 'tax collectors', who by the way collected all the tax in '92 and spread it in 2008 for obvious reasons, not to convert them but to receive favours and maybe some of the tax from them. I would love to see a follow up by our mainstream media on the credentials of some of these pastors, but with stations like Citizen which will give suspects of crimes against humanity a whole free 5 hours of airtime as their homecoming gift, then I may never see that happening any time soon.

It is time Kenyans single out the crosses of the two criminals and stop deliberately mistaking them for Jesus' cross. It is time Kenyans crucify Barnabas.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Festus Mwangi Kiunjuri, the three times mp for Laikipia East constituency is thirsty, thirsty for power. For long he has been plotting his kingship of the cetral region post Uhuru Kenyatta. He is one of the mps quietly, praying for the confirmation of charges against Uhuru and co. at the ICC. With the prince around, Kiunjuri will never make it past a member of parliament and he knows that. He may seem close to the deputy prime minister on camera but they both know they are using each other on their way to power. Uhuru uses Kiunjuri in organizing rallies and doing some grassroot mobilization, while Kiunjuri uses Uhuru as his ladder to chiefdom.

In the process of riding on Uhuru's name, Kiunjuri has taken it so personal in his fight against the common enemy Raila, that he even threatened the attorney general to sue him or he would sue him himself. Going back in history I don't see anywhere Kiunjuri has collided with the prime minister and so such vigour in fighting him is questionable and the only explanation is his quest to be seen as the true defender of the Agikuyu. It is part of his wider scheme of capturing kingship of central after ICC does its job. He realised  that he must attach himself to the king and maybe he may get the blessings, or after the king loses his throne, he may be close enough to the blue fabric and  may be a runaway king of the Kikuyu. Going with that mentality, he has alligned himself in a position where he will take credit for succesess  an example been the homecoming rally at Uhuru park where he was a key force in its organization, planning and eventual success.

With such an elaborate plan by Kiunjuri, several things stand on his way and the possibility of a king Kiunjuri are very unlikely. The most disturbing to him is that he is  unwanted. The forces of central Kenya have never imagined of a certain Kiunjuri leading them to state house and that is not changing anytime soon. There is no way a person who comes from a 'poor' family line with no royalty in its blood be their leader. That is the philosophy of the old men and those transitioning from young to old. These are the people who control the economy of central and even Nairobi. As one columnist calls them, they are the old money. They would prefer a person who goes to share a game of golf with them from time to time and that man is Amos Kimunya. He may not be the exact blue blooded man but he has somehow been touted as a possible replacement Uhuru if anything happens. This is partly due to his closeness to the first family.

Kiunjuri is also afraid of other emerging forces in central in the name of Peter Kenneth, Martha Karua and to some extent Jeremiah Kioni who am made to understand competes for television airtime with Kiunjuri. He understands that for him to beat a field of such people a miracle must happen, and he is pursuing the miracle. Till that moment he sees the kingship going to someone else, he will continue to pursue it. Until then, he believes we are in the Pre- Kiunjuri period.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


How much does it cost to hold a political rally in Kenya. It can be looked at in different perspectives depending on the influence of the politicians and the intended gains from the rally. A political rally two years after an election will cost far less than one two years before an elections. In this calculations, the latest political rallies by PNU wing are case examples and particularly two rallies, the Murang'a rally and the Uhuru Park rally.

Now, for the deputy premier, he enjoys massive support in central thus quite little is spent than in the much cosmopolitan Nairobi. In Murang'a two weeks ago, a massive rally was witnessed in Ihura stadium, the venue of crowning UK king of central. It is however quite funny that despite the support he enjoys from that place, hundreds of people were ferried to the venue from different parts of the country. An average of 100 fourteen seater matatus were used for that job. It is worth noting that 100 is an approximation and the number could be much higher but according to accounts of Muranga residents, it can't be any lower. Surprising is that some of those matatus made more than one trip. Now, lets work with a hundred, assuming that each was been paid sh 5000, That is without much mathematical involvement half a million shillings on the matatus alone.

Working closely with the 14 seaters, were the larger 50-60 seater buses. About 10 were used and assuming each takes home sh 20,000 per day, they all take home sh 200,000 collectively. Both the matatus and the buses take home at least Sh. 700,000.

Now the more complicated part, every ferried soul has to be paid. With the calculations above, at least 2000 persons were ferried by both the matatus and the buses, i.e. 1400 for the matatus and 600 for the buses. Working with a downrated price of Sh 500 for a soul, that adds up to Sh 1,000,000. This amount is very much downrated and can easily be double or even triple since the ferried people could be much more, and some are not necessarily ferried but are paid to bring themselves.

Come to the miscellanous, the committee organising the people's attendance in the grassroot needs to be paid, the tents, if any need to be paid for, the stadium itself is paid for, the public address is hired, the roadshow truck is hired, the posters and placards are paid for plus a host of other undocumented items including the mineral water lying idle on their tables. All this will take at least another Sh1,000,000 with the bulk to the grassroot organising secretary who by the way are village men and women who are not going to let all that money pass them and leave them in full.

Sh 1,000,000 for the ferried crowd, Sh 700,000 for the ferries and Sh 1,000,000 for miscellaneous. That adds up to Sh 2,700,000. Lets make it 3,000,000 since I have not included the tens of boda bodas that form the outriders of the convoy. Believe me the amount is much higher considering the money that ends up in the wrong hands during all this process.

Those were the figures of Murang'a town. Now lets come to the capital, Nairobi. Stakes are very high here and the strongest show of might must be displayed. You will expect the number of those ferried to be multiple times that of Murang'a. Lets put it at x seven. Definitely, every thing else will be much higher and will probably be multiplied by seven. Please note that seven is a random number but is realistic considering crowds in the two venues. The 3 million shillings for Murang'a will round off to over Sh 20,000,000 in Nairobi.

You will note that we are only one year to the elections and the price is higher than it was last year. Next year we should expect the money used in a rally to be much higher.


This is a copy of the letter that was allegedly supposed to have been written by prof Anyang Nyong'o to the Luis Moreno Ocampo. It is note worthy that the prof had raised concerns of the circulating letter before it was read out to the crowd at Uhuru park.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Joshua arap sang, the most famous venercular radio presenter in Kenya, I greet you in the name of the true God. The God who does not eat ugali in anyone's house, and the God who does not let his children suffer in camps while those responsible are driving posh cars. I have no right to judge the religious you but I have reasons to believe we don't worship the same God. I apologise if I have gone off the mark but you have been hardened enough to bear with such remarks.

Mr. Sang, you have a gifted voice, a radio voice which you were surely given by my God. You have sweet words, if I were still in elementary school, I would have said they are sweet enough to get the snake out of its hole. You have impacted lives unlimited. For very valid reasons multitudes listen to you every morning religiously and you somehow glue them to their speakers. They trust you so much that they fund raise for your trip to Den Haag.None of your flock will hear anything of you been guilty.

It would be anyone's desire to get such following. The other two people who have it in their bag are Raila Odinga and William Ruto. The two are politicians but you are not. You are part of the most trusted body in the republic of Kenya, the media. You have a duty to bring Kenya together through your words. Looking  two years back, what did you do? You broke that duty bestowed to you by my God. Because of you, thousands were displaced and some are, still.

Now before anyone reminds me that you are innocent till proven guilty, let me state here that I am very aware of that and very much respect that. For justice to be seen to be done, you have to be given a chance to give your side of the story. But Kenyans of at least lower middle IQ understand that that is just a formality to eventually seal your fate. You put yourself in this mud and now you are muddy, very muddy. Mummy will lock you in the house till that time she decides you are mature enough to play clean. I see a situation where mummy will never be convinced you can play clean anymore and you will be locked in forever.

Mr. Sang, you have taken the role of a politician and have gone ahead to join them in political cum prayer rallies, praying to my God. Shame on those men of cloth who lay hands on your head. I've not seen any of them in any IDP camp doing the same to the residents there. Mr. sang, you have continued to insist you are not a politician and also not a member of ODM, yet instead of shutting your mouth like the major general and the ambassador, you have rolled up your sleeves working to convince us that you  were, are, and forever shall be a politician. Mr. Sang, you have the right height to turn it to your biggest asset as one inspekta puts it, but what do you do, well you know what you did.

Recently you have tried to convince us through the media especially through your friend Jeff, and I also understand you have done the same on 'what the world is saying' that you never spread any hate messages and all you did was to preach peace, peace and a lot of peace. I'm sure that you had the charge sheet  with you, and you never told Kenyan's that you are also accused of attending meetings planning how to cleanse the rift valley off the Kikuyu. Why haven't you been telling us that you are also accused of been given special coded messages that you spread on your show? You have only been telling us of a charge that many will for sure agree is false and rightly for reasons that they may not have heard you. Did you think it would never be known? definetly you knew it would come out but maybe your friend Ruto convinced you it was just another obstacle to power and it would be evaded easily.

Last night, 09/04/011, your friend Jeff brought the man you love hating to the bench. He confirmed that he did his own investigations and he has enough reasons to believe you are on the list legitimately. I've always wondered why you hate the man so much and I came to the conclusion that you know you are guilty but consider some others, not on the list, more guilty than you. That may be true but you have to understand that you were in a position capable of stopping the war or propelling it, but you chose the latter.

Why do I believe you are guilty as charged? well, I have friends from the rift and long before the violence stopped, they told me of your misdeeds. Soon after the Waki list was realesed, several of it were circulating in town and I had at least three different lists, I don't know which was true if any, but I know you were in all of them. I've read several reports of some unofficial 'investigators' and you feature high. Then to confirm what I had been reading and hearing, Ocampo mentioned you. Please, give us a break, why would Ocampo have sinister motives against you? Coming from Ruto is okay, but you, a nobody, why would anyone waste his time on you if you were indeed innocent?

You had a great future but you spoiled it, you have great words but you used them wrongly, you had many friends but you chose the wrong ones, now its your time to roast. I don't kow what my God has in store for you but I bet you won't be loving it.

written by, Daudi Kimathi

Saturday, 9 April 2011

CHURCHILL TO TAKE A BREAK : entertainment on politico

 As seen on
Kenya's top comedian is taking a break from his highly rated show to re-energize and re-strategise the show's future execution. In his absence, the comedian will be replaced by MC Jesse, who takes over from next week, in the show's Season three premiere.
There will be no break as was earlier scheduled due to new sponsors who have come in, among them PSI and Del Monte. "We have new people on board and we couldn't slot them in the last few shows so we decided to do seasons two and three back to back," says Churchill.
Churchill says the show's popularity also contributed to the decision of the continuous programming.
"Doing that show is no joke and I have done every show since the beginning and I believe I deserve a break to go and rejuvenate," he added.


Friday, 8 April 2011


created by . william ruto          Executive producer.Henry Kosgey
directed by. william ruto           Director of photography. Joshua sang
                      inspired by.  raila odinga
                                                   PG 45
25.8.06 .1529 H .GMT+3.Eldoret town

In a small room at  spark hotel in the city of Eldoret, sit four men. The leader of the four is well built but not muscular, tall and appears to be respectable. Next to him is a tall man, light skinned and appears equally respectable. On the other side of the oval table, sits a short and dark skinned man, dressed in a black oversized jacket. Next to him is another man dressed in a casual brown jacket, a pair of black jeans and some white sneakers, he appears to be in his early sixties. The leader stands up and gives some instructions to everyone and leaves the room. Everyone else does the same at different times.

 16.9.06 . 1906H

Enjoying some barbecue with his family outside his mansion, Williamson's phone rings. He looks at the number and excuses himself. The voice on the other side murmured something to do with 5 months.

28.02.07 . 0107H . GMT+3

A group of around ten men arrives in a white van at a mansion in the rift valley, Williamson's mansion. The gatekeepers  had been made aware of the arrival and  so opened the gate without delay. In the mansion was William and the man he had shared  a cup of coffee with 6 months ago. He is his deputy and his name is Henric. The ten men make themselves comfortable till after around 1 hour where they get to the main business of the day. Some red liquid is brought in a giant guard and after some rituals, each of them take a sip. They all swore in williamson's name. There was no turning back.

30.06.07 . 0219H. Eldoret

Two trucks arrive at Williamson's mansion. The guards did their duty and soon everyone was in the compound. Parked inside the compound was another smaller truck that had arrived there 3 hours back. Some small speeches were given and finally the smaller truck was opened. Inside was a huge collection of rifles. At least 200 AK 47, 120 AK Draco carbine, several Uzi's, many grenades and grenade launchers and a few bullet proof vests. Everyone got atleast two rifles with instructions on who to give the extra one.

09.10.07.  2145H. Kuresoi

Mary was just preparing to go to bed. She is generally a late sleeper but on this particular day she would have slept earlier had her husband not gone for a drinking spree, Her three children were dead asleep. Just when she locked her bedroom door, she heard very loud chants outside and without a doubt they were mentioning her second name. Some bottle with a flaming cloth was thrown into her house. She had heard of petrol bombs and she was now seeing a petrol bomb. Soon the kids woke up to the chocking of smoke. Mary tried to get open the door leading outside and something or rather someone cut her right hand  to the elbow. The kids tried to do the same and two of them lost their hands too. 
Their ash was buried three days later.

20.12.07. 0645H .Kapsabet  7days to D day

In a very busy market stood a very visible pole. It had become a monument there and it could not escape anyone's attention. This particular morning it was attracting unusual attention. On top of it was a female head. The owner of the crucial organ must have been in her late 80's. Laying around the market place were  several leaflets warning certain people that their fate was sealed and the same would happen to them.

28.12.07 .2000H Through out the rift valley.

All known weaponry was unleashed in the province targetting particular persons. Machettes, bows and arrows, grenades, G3's and anything normally used to safeguard the people was used to kill the people. Thousands ran from their home to any safe location, or though they thought. Police deliberately refused to take any of those running in their stations and churches were the next 'safe' place.

01.01.08. 0000H. Kiambaa

Tens of women and children and even men had crowded  Kiambaa PCEA church hoping that God would protect them from there. Mean while in Nairobi, Williamson gave marching orders for a mission which would be made public very soon. A gang of uncountable number of men launched an attack from everywhere and almost all the refugees ran inside the church. Just what they wanted. Several tanks of fuel were poured inside and around the building and a fraction of the human race died inside. 
one of the scenes in the movie

one of the scenes in the movie
This whole thing is fiction and all names used in the play in no way refer to any one .Any coincidence is highly regretted. 
Coming soon part 2

one of the scenes of the movie

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


William Samoei Ruto, former agriculture minister and higher education minister, king of the rift, and the second on the KKK platform, this letter is adressed to you and I will make it short and straight foward. I will not highlight the things that are common knowledge to any one with an iq of between lower middle and ultra high. Such things include: 1. You will spend many years  in the Hague
                              2.  You are accused of mass murder and mass deportation of people.
                              3.  The latest opinion poll shows that 61% of kenyans believe you are guilty, that's why
                                    they support the Hague.
                              4.  Ocampo has enough evidence to make you be found guilty at least twice.
                              5.  There is no way you will ever escape justice.
                              6.  You are on record for claiming that justice would only come from the Hague.

That is not breaking news to any one I believe, its just that people like calling a spade a big spoon. Lets not lie to ourselves, you are in deep trouble and you know it. Of the six  suspects, you know that your chance of been declared innocent is the least. You have invoked the name of God in public rallies continuously and the crowd cheers even after I warned you. Definitely, no one cooks ugali for God, that's why He won't forget PEV victims. You have mastered the art of deceit and you don't even twink an eye. You have taught yourself how to raise eye brows wherever you pass. You have known how to use others knowledge to your advantage, for instance you have used a trick created by David Hoile in his book where he accuses NGO's of  coaching ICC witnesses, are you surprised? read on that story here. Still continuing, you have known how to interact with the press unlike your colleague Uhuru Kenyatta.

There is no doubt you are a person of very high intelligence. God created you and sent you as a leader, one who would bring change, one who would impact lives, one who would develop Kenya, ONE WHO COULD BE PRESIDENT. The last is could, you have all the necessary ingerdients in you to make a very good leader, except one, integrity, or lets say two, greed. Greed for power & greed for wealth. The latter can be explained by your constant court cases, and your un realistic vast resources. The former can be explained by the 2008 violence, and that's where we are.

You have claimed time and again that the person you fought so hard to be president left you at your time of need, but I pose the question, did you fight for a Raila presidency because you believed he was the best option, or because you wanted to have control of rift valley and used him as your ladder for the crowning moment. Well, since you are politician, any of the reasons is understandable. Next, did you desert Raila because you lost faith in his leadership, or because he had served his purpose. Well, since you are a politician, any of the reasons is still understandable.

You are in deep shit as I correctly mentioned above. This follows your actions between 2006 and 2008. Mr Ocampo has enough evidence to show that you started planning for the violence way before the election time. This is supported also by numerous stories that I have heard been narrated in malls, offices, kindergarten and everywhere else. As if not enough you have insulted Ocampo's  integrity and intelligence publicly and that can make him turn it into a personal duel. He might be quietly working overtime to ensure you get the maximum sentence.

I believe you are the saviour Kenya has been waiting for. But you are a different kind of saviour. Through you, impunity will end. Through you, election violence after every five years will end. Through you, leaders will start acting responsibly. Your ,very likely, eventual life sentence will change Kenya's political landscape forever. You will go down in history as THE LAST LORD OF IMPUNITY. good bye mr. ruto, good bye...

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

OCAMPOSIX.COM OUT TO DERAIL JUSTICE is a website that claims it is out to unearth the cause of Kenya's post election violence but I have reasons to believe it is a website out to defend the Ocampo six and eventually deny post elections volence any justice. Before NTV aired a feature on it, it was struggling to get 200 unique visitors a day, but now it is getting thousands and in their own words, it has gone viral.
In their 'about us' page, they have not made secret that they don't support the trials been done at the Hague. This are their own writing.

We, the friends of Kenya, being part of the global community and law abiding citizens admired the spirit of the ICC court during its formation. But we are greatly perturbed by its metamorphosis into a monster whose main objective is to concentrate on petty crimes/offences in Africa instead of focusing its energy in dealing with serious and despicable crimes and atrocities committed by the west against innocent poor defenseless citizens of the world e.g. in Afg...

 That may have a lot of truth in it, but the website brands itself as one to unearth the truth, yet they have already concluded that the truth cannot be found at the Hague. As a news website, it should stick to that and not take sides openly.
Curious is the fact that they have posted an open letter to Raila Odinga, written by one Moses Kuria and originally appeared on the star newspaper. The letter has both factual errors and deliberate ones. It paints the prime minister in the most negative image possible. At the end of the letter, there are comments and surprising is that almost all comments laud the author and brands the PM as he is stated there. On the Star newspaper website however, where the letter originally appeared, all types of comments are available,those against the open letter are however the majority. This only shows that comments contradicting the author have been deliberately deleted by the administrator of
  I embarked to find out who owns the website and I found that the administrator either used a different name or is actually someone from Israel. This is what I found on
Domain Name:
Registered at

Martin Smith
Tel aviv 00999

Administrative Contact:
Martin Smith
Tel aviv 00999
+235 2459875
I however strongly believe that a Kenyan owns the website and deliberately used a different name in its registration. It is also important to note that the same 'Martin Smith' has bought the domain names, and . This may be strategic in preventing anyone with a similar idea but sincerely out to unearth the truth.

Monday, 4 April 2011


Hon Najib Balala, you have let me and many other Kenyans down. Before the last couple of days, I believed you were more a of leader than a politician. I believed you would be someone Kenyans can look out for if they ever wanted a good leader come 2012 or any other year that following. No one would have convinced me that you are capable of putting your personal, selfish interest above that of the country. I know you are a politician at the end of the day but I believed you were one of the few sober ones, but over the last few days you have been working overtime to prove me wrong. I thought you had finally joined the league of Gitobu Imanyara and Martha Karua and even Mutula Kilonzo. But what do you do, you give in to pressures of impunity and let many people down.  What am talking about is your latest association with the Ocampo two.

Balala, it is your right to choose whoever to associate with at any time but you have to understand something. A national sober leader relinquishes some of his rights the time he sets himself for national duty. One of that right is the right of association. Not that it is written in any law book, but lets just call it an unwritten rule of nationalism. I have to agree with some of the people I have heard talking that you will soon lose your national image. Mr. Balala, you have done so much for Kenya undeniably. You revamped our tourism sector after what befell us in 2008. Many credits to you for sure.
Until recently, you avoided direct confrontations and political bickering. Whoever advised you to join the PNU-KK band wagon made a mistake and a big one. Any person in his right mind and from whatever tribe would be lying to himself deliberately, by talking of the innocence of the Ocampo six, or at least the Ocampo two. Lets not kid here, even before Ocampo read his list, it was well known. Tribalism has gotten into people and now they are playing selective amnesia. Let me leave the facts aside. Knowing this too well, because I presume you Knew pretty much while in the Pentagon, why would you join people who have left so many scars in the lives of  Kenyans. Why Mr. Balala. I thought you were more creative than that. The fact that you still want to become politically relevant does not mean you join the camp out to deny Kenya justice. You had multiple choices and you chose the wrong one.
Maybe Raila did some thing to you as I had highlighted here, but teaming up with public enemies to eliminate a common enemy is just not right. First of all, most of what is said in those rallies is daylight non-truth and you condone it. Look at Martha or Peter Kenneth or even Gitobu, they don't like Raila but do they join public enemies? Believe me I would have voted for you any time, if you had teamed up with such persons.
Anyway, maybe you want to be in the government. That's natural but Sir you will still not be in it since there is room for only one politician and definitely not you. Maybe you should have spared your nationalistic dignity and made the right decision, because either way you would have lost nothing.

Saturday, 2 April 2011


 My primary school civics teacher taught me that Kenya is a sovereign nation. He emphasized to me that sovereign nations have independent institutions such as the executive, legislature and judiciary to man their affairs of governance. He also taught me that acts of poking fingers in other nation’s affairs despite protest are called intrusion. The governments clamor to set up a local court to adjudicate on the PEV issue should be respected and given a chance.

Kenyans must decisively deal with the PEV and the resultant issues which threaten to divide the nation. Political leaders must spare the country ugly dramas as they engage in unnecessary noises politicizing the PEV issues to suit their selfish power struggle missions at the expense of the country’s dignity and sovereignity.No one should hoodwink Kenyans. The lives of forty million citizens is not dependent on the anti or pro Hague process, however the political lives of majority of the current breed of politicians hangs on the manner in which the PEV issues are handled. The country is far superior to fears, aspirations and political ambitions of individuals and it will survive them.

This week marks one of the most disgraceful events in Kenya political history. After systematic reckless handling of the legislations intended to resolve the ugly aftermaths of 2007 elections, the country nudity will be exposed at the Hague, a foreign jurisdiction. This will be a clear
manifestation of the country leadership ineptness and outright ridicule of Kenya independence struggle. Tribalism, raw political greed and wild political power struggle amongst a small cable of political elites and opportunists risk delivering this country to dogs of neocolonialism.

Whether any of the Ocampo six is guilty or not is immaterial. Kenyans must be tried in their country for any crime committed within the country so long as the country professes to be independent. Jaramogi odinga, Masinde Muliro, Harry Thuku, Dedan Kimathi, and many of the
founding fathers of this nation must be turning in their graves as they mourn the betrayal of the nation by power hungry political bootlickers.

On 28/2/2008, I wrote an Article in the Daily Nation, “Constitution and Legal Reforms Are the Solution” and stated that the PEV and other past political injustices should be resolve under a reformed constitutional dispensation. I underscored the importance of respecting Kenya’s political sovereignty and the self determination by the citizens to realizing a new constitution to effective fully address historical injustices and dark history of the nation. I stated that Kenyans have capacity to shape their own destiny, coexist harmoniously and pursue national growth and development for national good.

Whereas the country must earn its dignity by honoring its obligations under the international treaties and conventions, it is contemptuous for friendly nations or individuals to campaign and administer alien prescriptions to cure maladies affecting the country. It is perilous and reckless for our legislators and leaders to mortgage this country sovereignty by blindly absconding their duties of passing patriotic legislations that would effectively address social economic and political
challenges facing Kenyans.

The enactment of a reformed constitution presented the country an unprecedented golden opportunity to soberly address the genesis and the effects of PEV.However negative attributes of anti reforms, tribalism, political expedience, foreigners worship, and misplaced political priorities have significantly contributed to making Kenya a symbol of international ridicule and shame among communities of nations.
The circumstances facing the Ocampos six are of their own making and whatever the outcome of the process they like other Kenyans must be prepared to embrace ethos of patriotism in future.
Similarly the current uncertainties facing the nation have been greatly contributed by Kenyans whose indolence and absolute lack of vigilance has glorified political elites into demi gods.

Kenyans must abandon the despicable culture of hero worshipping politicians but rather wake up and participate in national affairs reasserting their rights under the new constitution by seeking remedies and interpretation of national policies within the rightful institutions. This will definitely hold the leaders and political leadership into account castrating their selfish political agrandisement.

The Hague trials are of absolute no value to this nation much more so when the obvious key culprits are left sitting pretty, enjoying dividends of the PEV in warmth of plum public offices. These trials are of no benefit for realization of justice for the victims of the PEV or perpetrators of the heinous acts of the violence. These trials do not add value to growth of Kenyans institution of justice or jurisprudence.

It is not debatable whether perpetrators of PEV should be subjected to court process, the answer is yes. It is obvious that genuine victims of PEV should be compensated whereas bogus IDPs manufactured by misguided provincial admistrators as cash cows must be isolated and
punished. The stolen funds must be returned.

However the PEV challenges should serve as a renaissance for Kenyans to evaluate their levels of patriotism, build trust in their institution of governance and endeavor to put in place credible leaders to manage the public affairs. Kenyans must decree that any leader who negates the aspirations of the founding fathers of this nation be not worth the name and be ejected from office. Similarly leaders who push clandestine agendas betraying their country, ridiculing local institutions to achieve selfish political gains must also be ostracized and their demons cast in deep see of political oblivion. Every Kenya has the business and onus of making this country and its institution great for posterity. It is high time an Act of parliament on Patriotism and Nationalism is enacted.

George N Kimani, Nairobi (The writer is an Advocate of the High Court. Email

Friday, 1 April 2011


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