Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Peter Kenneth is by the day been cornered by the Uhuru camp. Sources close to the deputy premier say that the weekend rally at Muranga town was meant to whip the central Kenya leaders behind the son of Jomo. It is no coincident that the rally was hosted by Muranga which is the backyard of Peter Kenneth. I've just watched a clip of the rally and leaders were openly been asked to pledge their support for the DPM. The task was assigned to none other than Kabogo.
It was no secret that the MPs from Muranga county were strongly behind Peter Kenneth. Among them were Kiharu's Muturi Mwangi, Maragua's Elias Mbau, Mathioya's Clement Muchiri, etc. This were among those who were asked to pledge their support for UK on the podium. Kabogo went a step further to warn any of them of the consequences of breaking that 'oath'.
It is also not surprising that millions were poured on the Muranga rally. Multiple sources tell us that the number of imported people could easily surpass that of the true residents of the town. It was reported on TV that the crowd was mammoth, and yes it was just that. Not even the president had received such a welcome in the town. On the clip  was viewing, Amos Kimunya had to step in to prevent a potential embarassment. He told the 14 seaters operators who had ferried people to the venue not to discuss payment issues there but to wait for Friday.
Also keen in the Muranga rally was the crowning of UK king of central. Some men were heard wondering aloud how some men well known to them became members of the kikuyu council of elders. This was  a very tactical move because incidentally, Ihura stadium was the same venue where the late Jomo got his first ticket to parliament. The late Njiiri resigned in favour of Kenyatta for representation of Muranga in the early years and the ceremony was held there.
Another key occurrence in the meeting was UK's speech. He gave case examples of how the Kalenjin had been united by one Ruto, but how some Kikuyu's, driven by jealousy had failed to acknowledge  him as their leader. This was clearly hitting at Peter Kenneth and Martha Karua. At the end of the day, the weekend rally at Muranga was out to whip central Kenya's leaders behind UK and no one would be allowed to question.

Saturday, 26 March 2011


This is totally the beginning of the end of vice president Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka for it is a well known fact that the last person's path anyone would wish to cross is the first lady's. The VP did just that. Any little hope of a presidential endorsement from the first family ended soon after wikileaks struck. The VP was aware of what was about to get out and what will continue coming and he was quick to call the leaks the work of a very creative mind. Whatever was in his mind when he was telling the Ameerican ambassador what he told him, whether true or false was nowhere near 'a leak would occur'. Thats why politicians, and not just Kalonzo were trembling when they heard of wikileaks, remember Jamhuri day.
Kalonzo has officially broken out with the first family and his presidential ambition for 2012 has been severely damaged. He was quick to quell any thoughts that he actually said that by once again brandishing them some work of a very creative mind. I believe the strong face he wears on TV is not the same he will be wearing when he steps into state house. I even doubt he will enter it any time soon. It is very predictable what will happen when he bumps into Lucy on the corridor.

Friday, 25 March 2011


If there is one lot of 'only God knows what is between their ears' people in the world, it is the Kenyan mps. Consistently I've asked myself whether it is in our blood as Kenyans to behave as they do. Some are so immature and believe you me that was the lightest word I can use. It has spread accross the political divide and it gets worse by the day. They let their feelings and childish grudges overtake their reasoning ability, if they have one. Seriously with all due respect you should be the most respectable men in Kenya, why do you show us your empty headed nature, not once,not twice but every time. Now, if Nairobi star is anything to go by, you want to accompany the prince and five others to the Hague. Please for Heavens sake, I hope you are not planning to use my tax to get there. That aside, I think there are some of you who bear the greatest reponsibility in showing Kenyan's what type of people the August house has. Lets look at a few.

Kamau, I'll address you directly. Have you ever seen yourself on TV mimicking the Prime Minister? Don't you have family and friends who tell you how you look? I believe you have family and friends and they tell you, you are full of talent. Kamau, they have been lying to you.. Yes, you have no talent and you better stop it. Talent aside, what level are you downgrading your self to by doing that. Look at any credible and respectable politician, look at William Ruto for example, where do you place yourself considering the way you have been doing things. Maybe you have never been advised by anyone,or maybe PNU tells you to keep up the good work. Let me tell you Kamau, whoever encourages you has no interest whatsoever with you washing your dirty linen in public. They laugh with you when you do it, but they are laughing at you. No one will ever take you seriously Kamau. Last word, LEAVE THE MIMICKING TO CHURCHILL. I hope you read this paragraph.

I have to agree that you appear very presentable most of the time and you make sure that you sound very proffessional. There is however one thing I don't like about your public utterances. We got the point, that the country cannot be developed by vitendawilis. Please don't repeat that. It shows a very uncreative mind on the podium. Now there is the small issue of the ICC. Please, please, do not invoke the name of God in your reference to the matter.I don't know how deep your religion is but I believe not much. Your claim that the violence was not pre planned and your assurance to the public that God will save your ass may come to haunt you. Involving God is equivalent to swearing. Otherwise I believe your public image is not bad but your cohorts spoil the party.

Yes you are the new kid on the block but I believe you are just a kid. Your behaviour is misguided and very unproffessional. A public debate concerning your mode of dressing took place some weeks back. Why should you bring all the attention to yourself, or are you kenya's 'lady gaga'. Parliament is parliament, and whether or not it is not outrightly disallowed to dress that way, please spare your children the agony of watching such clips in future.

You are preparing yourself for higher office but your public profile is below average. For a start, stop talking to the crowd in kikuyu. Then control your anger. Of late you have worked on your anger I have to agree but you should show kenyans that your fight with Raila is not a fist fight. You make it look soooo personal. I believe you are the last person who should have any personal beef with Raila. The last time you were in the same camp was in 2005 and your divorce was not nasty like Ruto's. So you should handle the Raila threat casually.I believe the 'KIMUNDU' fame is not good fame.

Honestly I have no much to write about you but been a national leader I can't lack one or two things. Of late you have taken up Kalonzo's role as a water melon I have to agree. You should tell kenya clearly what you stand for on the Hague matter. Then lets come to vitendawili. Don't you think you've over done it? Maybe they give you an edge over other politicians in public rallies but on the flipside, they make you a target from the PNU. I think you should consult your advisers on that matter and the PR effects it has on you.

I have to agree that I have highlighted mainly one side of the political divide, but you will also agree that its mainly one side that shows irresponsible traits. I can't put everyone on the list but I can show you who should also be there. Others include: Joshua Kuttuny
                                             Sally |Kosgei
                                             Aden Duale
                                             Anyang nyong'o
                                             ESTHER MURUGI in capital

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka is walking on a tight rope in his eastern region. According to sources close to the VP, Kalonzo is afraid of losing his backyard to new entrants and his perenial arch rival Charity Ngilu. Documents been held by the VP's close allies point to meetings Charity Ngilu has been having with local leaders in the region in a view to reclaim her support. What is even more worrying to the VP is the fact that most of those local leaders approached by Ngilu have assured her of their support. Kalonzo has all along known that his grip of the region has been fragile and he somehow managed to hold it in 2007 only because he ran for presidency. He knows that the way things stand in PNU, he can never get their endorsement come 2012 and that will complicate his run for the presidency. He sees a risk of been out of parliament if he runs for presidency without a strong backyard.

Ngilu aside, the other big threat to the vice president's grip of eastern is Mutula Kilonzo. Rumours have been doing rounds that Mutula's recent actions of standing by the constitution always are his preparation of a higher office. The VP knows too well that the minister of justice was admired most by the public during the latest events as opposed to him who emerged as a PNU-KK puppet. Wavinya Ndeti is another person who the vice president sees as a potential threat in his reign. However Wavinya is considered close to Ngilu and Kalonzo expects that she would support the water minister.

The vice president is said to be seeking services of  experiences strategists and political analysts to work his way to the eastern throne.

Monday, 21 March 2011


Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka is a worried man we can now reveal. According to sources close to the vice president, Kalonzo is afraid of been sidelined by the president and his close associates who see him as the second biggest threat after Raila Odinga in the race to state house. Ruto and Uhuru have for sometime now failed to even mention Kalonzo in political rallies as they used to previously. "The KKK alliance has been turned to KK," one analyst was heard saying. In a well calculated move, the Ocampo two are out to ensure the vice president does not out shine them on any thing. They have even started to forge closer ties with Eugene Wamalwa who they consider as having little urge to ascend to the presidency, at least in 2012. This is in line with eliminating competition from within.
  It would have been expected that a lot of complementary statements would be given to Kalonzo for his effort to bring the trials home. That has not happenned so far. It is believed that the two wants Kalonzo's image to be seen as that of a failure and for that will go any mile to be far from the 'failure'. Many analysts think that the vice president is stupid enough to work day and night for the Ocampo six. The latest opinion article by Mutua Makau points to this.It read in part..

"Mr Musyoka is being played – like a flute – by President Mwai Kibaki. He erroneously thinks the PNU/KKK alliance will anoint him Mr Kibaki’s successor. Of the three PNU/KKK supremos, he thinks he’s got the best shot at State House.
This is why. He’s convinced that Finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta is “unelectable” because Kenyans will simply not put another Kikuyu in charge. He believes that the Kikuyu are beholden to him because he saved Mr Kibaki – by keeping the State House in the House of Mumbi – after the 2007 election.
He believes that Mr Kibaki and Mr Kenyatta promised to back him in 2012. This is illusory, but that’s why Mr Musyoka is “carrying water” on the Ocampo Six.
Mr Musyoka thinks that Eldoret North MP William Ruto can’t be a serious presidential candidate, and is simply a cog in the PNU/KKK plot. In his view, the Kikuyu will not support Mr Ruto for the State House."read the full article

 However, the vice president is very well aware that the president will only endorse him as the final most option. He knows that he is been used and he also knows that he will eventually be dumped. I would expect him not to know of this if he has no friends, no access to media and no brains. He has all of those and that is the reason PNU-KK is planning his downfall. They know too well that Kalonzo has the capability to overtake Raila and become their number one enemy, and they are not ready to get there. The VP will be sidelined till the election date, unless there emerges another chance for him to be used.
It is also within the PNU knowledge that the shuttle diplomacy efforts by Kalonzo may have been used to increase his overseas contacts. It is understood that Kalonzo believes that a serious presidential contender in 2012 should match Raila's overseas contacts and he took advantage of PNU-KK bait to work for him. Events coming in the next weeks will be watched keenly and you should expect more Kalonzo visits to the Rift valley and Central to get the hearts of the people he has 'worked' hard to protect 'unsuccessfully'.
 Another issue that is making PNU wary of the Vice president is the small matter of Kamukunji by election. The vice president is said to be demanding for PNU's support after having supported the latter in previous by-elections. The vice president is not ready to support Simon Mbugua, who PNU would naturally not be ready to let go. Though this issue has not been highlighted much in the mainstream media, it is believed to be a very big issue behind the scenes. PNU sees Kalonzo, the previously obedient kid, as having started to grow horns and are not ready to take any more. Kalonzo knows this and is now scheming his every move with extreme caution.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


The Hague matter has divided the rulling class and the people alike. While it is obvious that Kenyans support the Hague trials, the leaders have tried tirelessly to impose a local tribunal on Kenyans. Opinion polls carried out on the matter will be testimony that Kenyans have started lostening to their leaders. Support for the Hague trials has been gradually decreasing since 2009, from about 80% to 60%. Political analysts say that a lie said many times becomes true. Kenyans are slowly accepting that delivering the Ocampo six is tantamount to losing our sovereignity. Critical thuinkers will ask why that was not the arguement base when we were told not to be vague and say Hague. Anyway, am writing to show you where our leading media stations' support is. It will be noted that some are openly for the Hague options while those of a contrary opinion pretend to be neutral.

This is one stations that has perfected the art of going with public opinion for the last several months. Listening to their news will tell you where their support is, for the Hague option. They are always quick to remind us of the views of our hypocritical members of parliament before they started supporting a local tribunal. Reporters with the station have not shied away from criticizing leaders perceived to be pro-local tribunal. A case example is Kalonzo's shuttle diplomacy efforts that were the base of one news edition. Hareth Salim, a reporter with the station demonstrated to Kenya about the VP's lack of decisiveness. It will also be seen that recently, the station gave a lot of airtime in highlighting the amount of money the VP wasted in his shuttle diplomacy. Those are just but a few examples why NTV supports the Hague option and shows it.

Just like NTV, KTN is openly for the Hague option. It shows it in their news bulletin and some of the polls, they undertake. Some of those polls, though not necessarily doctored are out to show the leaders where Kenyan support is. The station is also trying to go with public opinion regularly especially due to its lost ground in terms of viewership.

For the neutral stations, here is one. SK Macharia and citizen tv owe a lot to the Kibaki government. During the Moi regime, the station was nothing but since 2003, it has become the leading station in Kenya. It is therefore funny that the station is not a government puppet. Recently, the wikileaks showed what the American ambassador thinks of the Kenyan media. He claimed that Kenyan media is too close to the politicians and therefore sometimes fails to serve its purpose. He however pointed out that SK Macharia is one of the few independent media owners. Maybe this explains why the station tries as much as possible to give us both sides of the story and even provides polls that can go either way. Recently, they asked whether you supported the mass walk out threat been issued by the African states. Such a poll can swing on either side because honestly, I know of people who strongly support the Hague option for Kenya, but don't trust the ICC fully. They say that Kenya should pull out, but after the trial of the six.

This is the only station I've come across so open in its support for the local tribunal. Their main man Jeff Koinange has been the leading soul in this fight for the Kenyan mind. They have tried to turn around public opinion on this issue. Capital talk has been used solely for this purpose. Three sides of a coin also by Jeff Koinange is another tool used. click here to read an exclusive article on this. At first I thought it was only Jeff who was doing this until I listened to their news.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka is a as described by Ranneberger, an opportunist. He has learnt to take advantage of events for his benefit. In 2008, he accepted the vice president role despite the tension that was in the country. He knew that was the only way he would remain relevant for the next five years, and true to his beliefs, he has remained relevant in the Kenyan political scene. He is a man driven by a big thirst for power and that is the reason why he is aiming at nothing but the presidency, come 2012. He knows to well that his chances are close to nil, especially if Ocampo fails to strike. He is however out to take advantage of the situation hoping to gain big from the six, and especially the two front runners' trial. He has for the past several weeks traversed  the globe in what has been dubbed shuttle diplomacy. Kalonzo is a lawyer by proffession and though he has hardly practised, the knowledge is in him. For that he knows too well that his probability of succeeding is close to nil. Then why has he done this job so diligently and with a lot of dedication? What is his game plan? And does he really want the six tried at home? The answer to the last question is NO, and here are six reasons as to why.

1. Kalonzo Musyoka is not as stupid as people think he is. Many analysts have consistently claimed that the vice president is been used for the interest of the two main people in the list, namely Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. Kalonzo knows this too well, he knows that it is nowhere in the president's wildest dreams that  he has appeared as a preffered  presidential candidate. He knows that the president has already settled on his project. That simply means that Kalonzo will not get the backing of the president. The president and his inner circle are just using him for their personal reasons and it is just a matter of time before he is dumped. There have been some rumours of returning Ruto to the cabinet when the election nears and the VP has not been taking that lightly whether true or false, reason being, the Eldoret North MP would return as a much senior cabinet member. That would lead to Uhuru, most probably taking the VP position. Kalonzo is not ready for a humiliation and for that he wants Ocampo to act fast.

2. The most obvious reason why the vice president would not want to see a local tribunal in place is the votes at stake. He knows too well that he would very easily get sympathy votes from central and the rift. He has positioned himself as a fighter for the two communities and is hoping he will be recognized for that when Ocampo strikes. That can only happen if Ocampo strikes.

3. If the trials are carried out at the Hague, he knows too well that his main competitor Raila, would get all the blame for that. That will deny the prime minister any votes he had hoped to get in the affected areas. Kalonzo going by the assumption that the election will be a two horse race, calculates that any votes that doesn't go Raila's way will be his in the bag. Between now and 2012, he is expected to work overtime to link Raila and his shuttle diplomacy failure. Kuttuny said recently that the prime minister met senior UN officials in a view to making sure the trials continue. Such thesis are expected to flood in the coming days.

4. Another very personal reason why the vice president wants them tried at the Hague is because of the last general elections. It is believed that Kalonzo has never forgiven Ruto for failing to support him in 2007. Ruto's support could have changed everything, he believes, and he sees himself as having been betrayed.

5. Kalonzo is even looking at post 2012. He believes that if he manages to navigate his way to state house with Uhuru and Ruto around, his tenure will be on hell of a time. He believes that it will be very difficult for him to betray the people who will have helped him ascend to power by setting up a local tribunal. He will also face untold criticism for protecting criminals if he decides not to set up a local tribunal. Whatever way he decides to go, he sees himself as not serving a second term. To clear the way for a smooth Kalonzo presidency, he wants Ocampo to strike and fast.

6. The last reason why he hopes his shuttle diplomacy fails, is the possibility of the Ocampo six incriminating Kibaki and Raila. Such a possibility is very much likely and may result in the two been summoned also. That may only happen after 2012 and even if Raila will be president, such a move would decrease his chances of getting a second term. Kalonzo believes he is young enough to wait another ten years.

Kalonzo has made it upon himself to wear a very dedicated face in his fight to bring a home based justice system yet he wants the exact opposite to happen. He knows that the Ocampo six don't trust him and he is out to prove them right.

Saturday, 12 March 2011


In a view to overturn public opinion on the hague matter, the Ocampo six have exausted all the tricks in the book and have started inventing new ones. Opinion polls carried out by different pollsters have showed a consistent public support for the Hague option. The NSIS is also said to have carried its own opinion polls and they just confirm what synovate and infotrack have been telling Kenyans. One of the tool that can change public opinion is the media, but unfortunately, the media in Kenya is openly for the Hague option. However, since Ocampo mentioned the names of the suspect, there has been this one person who has not hidden his open support for the local option. Jeff Koinange has consistently highlighted the dark side of ICC in what I see clearly as a tactical move to calm the public disapproval for a local tribunal. Whether or not he is acting on his own or is under the influence of some powerful politicians is not the reason of my writing. Yesterday (11/3/011) as I was watching Capital talk, I confirmed what i had suspected for many days. Jeff Koinange is part of a wide scheme to derail justice.
Why for instance should he bring that author every time Ocampo makes a big move. Yesterday was not the first time that David Hoile appeared on the bench. To the best of my knowledge, he has been there twice,and every time he is on the bench, he is openly for a local tribunal and he produces all facts there are, whether true or false to make Kenyans change their view of the Hague option. There is this book he has written going by the title, The icc, Europe Guantanamo Bay , and it reportedly provides all the facts about a rotten ICC.
I acknowledge that what he is saying is to some extent true, but I ask, what is he doing in Kenya in the first place. Once is understandable, but more than that is more than a coincidence. I did a search on him and what I found was not anything that Jeff tells us about him.

David Hoile is a man who is ridden with controversy all his life. He has written several books, all of which a full of controversy. He has written widely about the Darfur war and other world events. To the controversial side of his life, his book about the Darfur war is used as a reference material by  a Canadian oil company going by the name Talisman Energy. Talisman energy is said to be one of the single biggest beneficiary of the Darfur war where oil is concerned. Without getting to the details, David Hoile earned himself the title, MERCENARY AUTHOR FOR HIRE. Talisman recruited him to write about the war in words favourable to  the oil giant. David Hoile is also on record as having openly advocated for the hanging of Nelson Mandela. He has also written various publications that favor renowned terrorists groupings. Back to the Darfur issue, it is an open secret that he was on the payroll of the Khartoum government, that was by the way committing genocide, solely for publication mattes.

Recently David Hole attended a Kenya government briefing on the ICC at Croydon Park Hotel in London. Also in attendance was Stephen Njiru, a legal advicer in PNU. Why is the government showing so much interest in this man? The answer is in the question. In his book about the ICC, he has recommended that African countries should stage a mass pullout from the Rome statute. You will remember that idea been floated some days back by our members of parliament. That is not even what is surprising, he has written that there were instances when witnesses would revoke their statements while on the stand, admitting they were coached by NGO's to give false statements. If this man was not working with William Ruto, then it is a BIG coincidence. Remember the KNCHR saga.
I further embarked on finding out when the book was published and that was on May last year. That means he started working on it late 2009. Either this David is a bright opportunist who knows when a book will sell, especially in Kenya, or a MERCENARY AUTHOR FOR HIRE.I would not be surprised if he is on treasury's pay roll
With so much stain on David Hoile, especially on his background, why would Jeff Koinange recommend him to us, simple, there is another agenda. Owing to the fond relationship between Jomo Kenyatta and Mbiyu Koinange, it is understandable that Uhuru and Jeff are good buddies who will do anything to save each other's ass. I however recommend that you should not take Jeff Koinange seriously any more. He is no longer the, 'when I grow up I want to be Jeff ' kind of guy. Its time you believe in what is good for Kenya, disregarding  politicians and other people of influence who have hidden agendas.Remember that Jeff Koinange is the executive producer of Capital talk and the back bone of K24. Whatever guests he brings on the show are for him to decide, simply, in such a case as highlighted above, he works as Jeff, not as K24.

Friday, 11 March 2011


For the past several months, there has been this one politician who has been privately irritating me any time he came on TV, and believe me he would appear on TV very often. The anguish of watching him was too much for me that I would immediately switch channels any time he appeared. He goes by the name Jeremiah Kioni. Seriously, this is one person without a drop of charisma and zero sense of humour. His press statements were just as plain as the person himself. You may claim am too harsh on him, but I couldn't find a lighter description. Any time he is in the company of other mps he appears bossy, especially that eye. That's my honest analysis of him from the many clips I've seen on TV. His statements are always after self glorification and he doesn't listen to what he is about to say as long it will take him to the PNU good books. That is the today's version of a reckless politician. Believe me, listening to this man speak, will make you drop the respect he should have, instantly especially if you know what is happening in Kenya. He is out to take all the glory even when the idea was not his. I remember claims that were doing rounds that he was always eating other members apples, figuratively. My view of a peoples leader is one who only speaks only when it is necessary and weighs his words carefully. Until recently, I considered Uhuru Kenyatta as such a leader. Others who pass my criteria include Peter Kenneth, Najib Balala and Charity Ngilu. Jeremiah Kioni comes nowhere near. Recently it was revealed to Kenya of his other side of life by the Sunday Nation. His constituents know Kioni, not as a vocal politician, but as a stingy leader. 'After inspecting a project, he just waves at you', lifting directly from the paper. Such a description about a leader is very disastrous and I guess it may have contributed to his taking a back seat  for the past week. Anyway, whatever the reasons for his silence, may I say that I've enjoyed a full Jeremiah Kioni free week and I hope I will continue for a long time.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


The star newspaper does not stop to amaze. About two weeks ago the national politico published some photos of how rotten our society had become. The sexual experiences that were being shared at the Muliro gardens in broad daylight were a disgrace to Kenya. Never in my wildest dream did I think the Nairobi  Star would publish the same. That was a clearly 'not for viewers under 21' kind of story and pictures. I salute the action that was taken by the disciplinary council to bring sanity to a national newspaper.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


What is the government planning? It is a well known fact that the Americans and the Britons will veto Kenya's deferral issue. The ambassadors have said it over and over and I'm sure that the president and his puppet the vice president are aware of this. So what are they planning? Why should they waste the tax payers money for a cause that failed even before the plane left? The most credible school of thought is that the president and his new found advisers are preparing the ground for a non- compliance with the announcement that the Pre - trial chamber is about to make. They have already made up their minds that no one is going to the Hague and nothing will stop them, not even the west. It has been planned within the walls of state house that a propaganda machinery is going to be rolled out immediately after USA and Britain veto the the deferral  case. The government will use every trick in the book and almost every cent there is to paint the two countries as having a hidden agenda, in the assumption that the rest of the permanent members among them China will have endorsed the idea. The PNU side of the government will then blatantly refuse to forward the Ocampo six to the Hague claiming a political scheme by the west to get rid of some leaders. Not forgetting the only man who can forward them to Ocampo come 2013, they will claim that Raila is a hired politician out to serve the interests of the west. This propaganda will be preached countrywide and it is their belief that it will tilt the voting pattern to their favour.

Friday, 4 March 2011


It hurts to see how far the Raila phobic people will go to eliminate him completely. Every assault they launch is falling flat and either it has no effect or in in fact harms them. Look at the nominations for instance, the intended victim trounced them all. It is not my business to lean on one side of the political divide, but am going to give a candid evaluation of the both sides of the political divide. Lets start with Raila. Lately , he has been labeled a dictator by ODM renegades and the vice president. The vice president claim that the prime minister was heavily influenced by the communist rule while he studying in Europe. I may not refute those claims but I can ask, what influence can a person living in a dictatorial country acquire, is it the dictatorial aspect of it or the 'humanitarian aspect of it' I've used humanitarian in assumption that dictatorial regimes are very oppressive. Lets not go far to Europe, back at home, we had a dictatorial regime, arguably. So what did people in Kenya wish for, or phrasing it in another way, what did Kenyans crave for. Definitely it was democracy. That shows that a person can be influenced by two parties, those in the regime or those fighting for democracy. Case example of the prime minister, ever since he completed his studies he has been fighting for democracy in Kenya. I'm not trying to lead you to believing that he was influenced by those craving for democracy in the communist rule but I want you to see the point. Come to vice president Kalonzo. Here is a well known water melon, who has tried unsuccessfully to get rid of that tag. What it means is that he cant make clear decisions. I don't know about you but I definitely would not want such a person as my president. Then comes Ruto. When Kenya was in the streets demanding for democracy, where was he? he was dining with the dictator. All of a sudden he starts pointing fingers accusing some one else as a dictator because his decision to leave ODM  is been fast tracked. Let me state here that both Ruto and Raila are dictators. The only difference is that Ruto will dictate his way to the safes of central bank, to the corridors of justice and any other place where he is out to benefit while Raila will dictate his way to building roads, and bringing order to the country, unless the Raila we knew in the 90's is different from the one we know now.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


The question has hit me again on my face. How much does Uhuru drink? As I was listening to yesterday's news, I heard of a wikileaks cable where ambassador Michael Ranneberger described Uhuru as a heavy drinker and a lazy brat.That took some people by surprise but not those who read between the lines like me. About a week ago, prime minister Raila Odinga had made related remarks when he was addressing a crowd in Nairobi. In his own words, he said that Uhuru's work when he go up was to drink and smoke bhang. It is worth noting that he did not refer to him by his name. This statement was however overshadowed by the statement of Ruto and his court cases.At that moment, anyone would have ignored the prime minister but remarks that Ranneberger made, now leaked, made me think twice. So how much does Uhuru drink? I can now bet its a lot.In an article I had submitted elsewhere, I expressed my worry about Uhuru's deep red eyes. Meeting him in person will make you see as if its a different Uhuru from the one we see on TV. Now I can tell you confidently that it is in fact alcohol and plenty of it for that matter, that defines UK's eyes. The other question now comes in, was the prime minister serious when he claimed his deputy smokes weed? |I think he was. In the years I have lived, I've seen many drunkards who never get their eyes to the level of UK's redness unless there is another drug been used. The possibility of the finance minister smoking weed is very high and I don't expect the prime minister to make such an allegation in public if he can't prove it. I would have expected UK to threaten the prime minister of court action but that has not happened.
With all that, Kabogo comes to the scene. He has all along claimed that there are drug dealers in the cabinet. Maybe his claims are very true and without pointing fingers let me stop there.

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