Sunday, 16 October 2011


The elections cannot get any dirtier. National Politico has reasons to believe that the issuance of national identity cards is been manipulated in favour of a particular candidate. Immigration minister, Hon. Otieno Kajwang is in prime minister's camp and chances are they are working together to deny youths from particular constituencies/ counties their constitutional right of owning an identity card. This in turn has adverse effects on their lives since on many occasions they are asked to provide this crucial document. It also prevents entrepreneurial youths from exploiting opportunities because the starting point to any business is usually this document.

Case examples have been picked from several constituencies and a general trend is emerging where youths from central Kenya and rift valley, some of who applied for an id over a year ago have not received it, yet those from perceived Raila strongholds have been receiving id cards within two months pr less. About one month ago, Kajwang announced that new machinery had been acquired and that id card production would continue normally. However, the situation in some areas (not regarded as high risk areas) like Kiharu of Murang'a is far from normal. With elections coming up next year, the perception is that some people will be prevented from picking a voters card by virtual of not possessing a national identity card. The lot that has waited for almost a year may finally receive theirs, but by giving people in central the mentality that an identity card will take one year to be processed, it will seem normal for anyone in central applying for an id now to wait till after the elections.
The ministry of immigration has done a pretty good work by making the process of  checking identity card status a click away. Lets look at some statistics to confirm the above. Please pay a a lot of attention to the constituency/ area of application and the date of application. Alternatively follow this link and type the serial number on the waiting card and look at the details.

Name of Applicant: WILSON OLELA OPAP Serial Number: 229499630
Registration Office: KASIPUL
Application Status : Application is being processed and will take a little longer.
Date of Application Status: 02-NOV-10
Name of Applicant: SAMUEL WAKAHU MARINGA  Serial Number: 229489247
Registration Office: TIMAU
Application Status : Application is being processed.
Date of Application Status: 16-NOV-10

Name of Applicant: WILSON SOI  Serial Number: 229357469
Registration Office: BOMET CENTRAL
Application Status : Application is being processed.
Date of Application Status: 10-JAN-11

Name of Applicant: MONICAH NYAGUTHII NDIRANGU  Serial Number: 229352145
Registration Office: OTHAYA
Application Status : Application is being processed.
Date of Application Status: 25-FEB-11

Name of Applicant: DICKENS KOLERO JUMA  Serial Number: 229524652 
Registration Office: NYAKACH LOWER  
Application Status : Your ID Card is ready.Collect it from Registration Office where you applied.
Date of Application Status: 08-JUN-11

Name of Applicant: MUDOME KAHONDO  Serial Number: 229439570
Registration Office: SUBA
Application Status : Your ID Card is ready.Collect it from Registration Office where you applied.
Date of Application Status: 04-OCT-11

Name of Applicant: JOHN ONYANGO JACOB  Serial Number: 229439125
Registration Office: NYATIKE
Application Status : Your ID Card is ready.Collect it from Registration Office where you applied.
Date of Application Status: 04-OCT-11 

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Friday, 16 September 2011


A lot has been happening over the last couple of weeks. The first 3 suspects converged at the Hague, and completely made a fool of themselves. First was one William Ruto. This guy is said to be super intelligent but going by his choice of witnesses, that is no longer the case. Cheramboss, a total failure. All he did was tell the judges to lock up Ruto. He confirmed what Ocampo had alleged and maybe turned around the doubting judge. Case in point was when he positively attested having knowledge of setting up road blocks. The guy did not realize it was a catch and went ahead to even explain how its done. He also confirmed Ocampo's allegations that weaponry could have been handled by claiming to have training in handling them. Seriously, he was the farthest witness from right. He may have well sealed Ruto's case.

Kosgey tried to distance himself from the network. He denied any knowledge of any network while acknowledging it may have been there. This strategy may have worked for him but whether or not it is sufficient to exonerate him is doubtful.

The little man, Sang, made a similar mistake as Ruto. He brought in a witness who is allegedly part of the network. Bishop Kosgei handled himself reasonably well for most of the cross examination till he brought in UDM and Gen Koech, who by the way is a suspected commander in the network. That worked well in neutralizing the small gains Ruto's defense had made in de linking the commanders and Ruto. Again, terribly wrong choice of witness.

The other 3 must have learnt from the first group and hopefully not present wrong witnesses. Uhuru has declared himself a witness. The biggest mistake he can make. I don't think the judges will take his word very seriously since he will always reply by trying to exonerate himself. Please let me be proved wrong.

Saturday, 13 August 2011


The plot thickens. Miguna Miguna, prime ministers adviser on constitutional matters has been fired and left for the dogs. Apparently Miguna is not one to walk out quietly. He has gone on a revenge mission and the media is having a field day.

Persons close to the prime minister and specifically Jakoyo Midiwo and Isahakia were never pro Miguna and according to Miguna, they are the ones responsible for his sack.What makes Miguna angrier is the fact that he will have to do without the half a million he was pocketing  a month. That has made him go to court to seek legal assistance.

Why cant Miguna just walk out slowly and quietly? Some time back we would hear and read in gossip columns how some one close to the PM was giving everyone else a hell of  a time. It was also alleged that some of the strategies the alleged person was proposing to the prime minister were very misleading and may have cost him essential support from certain quarters. Some forces were fighting this person but the prime minister was not ready to let go. Events that have been happening of late suggest that Miguna Miguna was that person.

On the Star newspaper, Miguna was known for his very radical approach on issues. for instance he has written extensively of the anti reform nature of William Ruto. He has written why the renegades should be thrown out of ODM. As all this was happening, talks were ripe that the rift valley was starting to warm up to raila. The content of his column however seemed to  have thrown to the winds any chance of Raila winning back Ruto. Miguna may allege to have been writing what his boss wanted but many observers have constantly wondered what value Miguna's articles and strategies added to the PM. Was he really working for Raila?

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


I don't usually do this but today i will give you why this man is the most suitable for the presidency. Before anyone reminds me that he was recently accused of corruption in his ministry, let me state here that I believe, he in fact inherited those scandals from his predecessor Karega Mutahi. The loss of those amounts of money occurred not during his tenure as PLO wrongly put it but during the tenure of Karega and Ongeri. This is supported by the fact that the civil society and the association of parents only demanded for the resignation of the minister.

So why is he the most suitable? He was able to transform the education ministry in just one year, talk about rapid results. Lets jog your memory. 2006, KCSE leakages were very widespread. In this year, almost all big schools had the original papers days before they sat for it. 2007, a new level of KCSE leakages was achieved.  School principals facilitated this. It was a booming business for knec officials. If you did not have the papers at least a week prior, you probably were not a candidate. 2008, leakages were still present but 2007 still held the record. 2009, little improvement from the previous year. Kenya's education was fast losing credibility.

2010, Ole Kiyiapi takes over. He overhauls the previous exam administration system and later in the year, KCSE leakages were almost eliminated. The situation was so bad that, it was reported that students would beat up other students who had collected funds in readiness for the leakage which failed to materialize. For the first time in as many years, even big schools did not have any leakage.

What else makes this man stand out. He is not a systems man. That's for sure. Peter Kenneth also fits this description but Ole Kiyiapi is different in that he fights more aggressively. Some time back rumour had it that  Ole Kiyiapi was about to face the sack in a scheduled cabinet reshuffle. The system does not want such men near it.

The other reason why he may be the best choice is because of lack of another alternative. Almost everyone in the field has a stain but Kiyiapi. Eliminate one by one with credible reasons and maybe only Kiyapi and Kenneth remain. Then look at the eloquence of the two. Finally compare the work the two have done and pick the best. To me Ole Kiyiapi would get my vote any day. If only his chances were real.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

THE NEAR ZERO RUTO SURVIVAL AT THE HAGUE Samoei Ruto, should finally understand the gravity of the charges Ocampo has prepared against him. For the past several months, the Eldoret north member of parliament has displayed a very confident posture, completely disregarding the Hague process in public. Privately, it is quite certain that the same cannot be said. The charge sheet prepared by Ocampo and his team was enough to silence the majority of the Ocampo six. Ruto has time and again stated that he will be on the ballot next year come what may. With less than a month before the ICC confirms or fails to confirm the charges, it is advisable that everyone holds their breath.

In the meantime, Ocampo has released some evidence against the first three group of suspects namely: Ruto, Kosgey, and Sang. It is in it that you will learn that the violence was well coordinated by among others, a military and media wing. Of course Ruto is said to have headed the military wing. Kosgey deputized him and under them were several generals and the hierarchy continues downwards. The military wing oversaw the purchase of required instruments of war. The financiers were many with Ruto and Kosgey topping the charts.

Now, come to the media wing and this is where our small man comes in.  Arap Sang broadcasted coded messages to his listeners and the intended end user would respond accordingly. Note that this are messages that only those who attended the planning meetings could decode. Prior to the broadcasts, Sang would attend the actual planning meetings where specific people would be given the tasks of calling in live during his show, and further poisoning the minds of reluctant Kalenjins. Sang was exemplary in the execution and that explains why many ordinary Kalenjins can swear the small man never spread hate messages.

All the above information is in fact  an official release by the prosecutor's office. titled ANNEX A

If you thought the above evidence is incriminatory, wait till you hear that Ocampo has another bunch of evidence called Annex B, that has only been released to the judges. So what can get worse than actual dates and venues of when a crime was committed. Definitely not newspaper cuttings and media video clips as has been alleged by some people. If any of that  is to be used, expect it in Annex A, that has already been released. Maybe we should expect video clips not in the public domain or some incredible mpesa transaction records. Don't take that seriously.

The anxiety is in the air but this time round, Ruto is expected to fly out quietly or at least not loud enough to bring business to a stand still at JKIA. Kenyans will be waiting to see which mps will buy a ticket to the Hague and who among them claimed to be so broke to afford paying tax.

The difference between this trip and the last trip is that the confirmation of hearings takes several days. This will not come cheap for even a seasoned millionaire like Ruto. For our small man Arap Sang, the fund raising he was conducting during the last visit will seem like a big joke. Maybe if you have a few coins to spare you can contribute to the Arap Sang Hague Kitty by clicking here.

Monday, 1 August 2011


Politics aside, Google has given Kenya and Tanzania the best gift yet. On today's google homepage, (02/08/2011), the doodle is all about the great wildebeast migration between the Masai Mara and the Serengeti. Clicking on the amazing doodle that has the wildebeast's horns forming the name google, will take you to the search results of of the phrase wildebeest migration.
The doodle is available on ,  and . considering that gets hundreds of millions of searches every day, that is simply the biggest publicity anyone can ask for. Whether the government banks on this is a matter that only time will tell.

Here is the doodle.. click it for the search results.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Deputy prime minister, finance minister and king of the slopes, Uhuru Kenyatta has visited Murang'a county over the recent past, more times probably than any other place in Kenya. The most memorable visit was the mammoth crowd where he was proclaimed King in Murang'a town in late March. It was during the run up to the Hague appearance and since the momentum was nationwide, it was only fair for Murang'a not to be left behind. However, he had been in the same county just a few weeks prior to the visit.

After coming back from the Hague, Uhuru has been in Murang'a at least thrice. So what is in this county that catches the eye of the deputy premier? The most logical answer is Peter Kenneth. Peter Kenneth hails from Gatanga constituency, Murang'a county. He is probably the biggest political export from Murang'a after matiba. He may not hail from Kiharu constituency, where Murang'a town is located, but he is known to be well loved there and throughout the county. The leaders from Murang'a  with the exception of Michuki are known to be in Uhuru's camp halfheartedly. Mbau almost wrestled Kabogo when that was reminded to him.

It is no secret that the kikuyu love this man Uhuru. Those from Murang'a love him more, and that is supported by the number that turned up for his mega rally. The problem however is that they also love Peter Kenneth. The respect given to him is mainly because of his soft spoken nature, and lack of directly and with use of hard words attacking Kenyatta. This has made Uhuru lack something to finally finish Peter Kenneth. Use of harsh words on kenneth by Uhuru may bring disastrous results on the latter since in the eyes of the public Kenneth is an innocent angel who they may well vote for to punish his attackers.

For camp Uhuru , central province unity is paramount for him to have any chance of election in the event he is on the ballot. Central province also incorporates all the Kikuyu in other provinces. A split brought about by Kenneth is the last thing Uhuru wants. The key preventing such an occassion, is taming Kenneth right from his turf in Murang'a. That may explain why uhuru can't miss a chance to be in this county. If Kenneth fails to get favour from his own backyard, chances are he will not get any votes from elsewhere. He may even not be in a position to bargain for a running mate position as has been rumoured. If Uhuru can somehow win over total support from this county, then central is his to lose.

Despite Martha Karua been another challenger, the feeling is that Kenneth can emerge stronger considering his ability to win over  top political leaders and members of parliament as opposed to Karua who has failed to get endorsement of any mp.

Uhuru may also have some hope that Peter Kenneth will finally jump to his camp, when options run out. Murang'a  and Kenneth will surely continue to be on Kenyatta's diary between now and 2012.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mps Who Have Refused To Pay Taxes

The small matter of taxes keeps coming up. This is the first time that mps have come closest to paying their taxes but closest isn't good enough, whether they will pay or not is still not clear. Bravo to those of them who have paid, among them, President Kibaki, Prime minister Raila, Vice president Kalonzo, Ferdinand Waititu, Mutava Musyimi, Sonko,Margaret Wanjiru and any other not highlighted here, but of course the biggest applause should be spared for those who had been paying prior to this fracas. Peter Kenneth and Johnstone Muthama have been exceptional.

Some Mps are just amazingly unbelievable. The issue of some letters promising you not to pay up should not come up unless there is a supporting clause from the constitution. At the end of the day, the president and the prime minister are just politicians, just like you. Every time, you are breaking the promises you made to your constituents yet you do not want any promise made to you to be broken. In any case, whether you supported the new constitution or not, Kenyans would  still have voted for it anyway.

That some of the mps take home less than sh20,000, is just funny. You were provided with a mortgage, you took it, then came the car loan, you took it. Almost sh20 million in your first year. As if not enough, your kids are schooling in the best schools, many of which are abroad. The last thing people expect from you is to blame the taxman for your woes. Life must continue and taxes must be paid. Plan your finances.

Going through the list of those who are not willing to pay taxes and three of them particularly stand out. Eldoret North mp, William Ruto, filthy rich by whatever measures. Probably earns tens of millions every month from his businesses. sh 200,000 a month should not be anything you cannot afford. Though he has not refused to pay publicly, he has also not said he will pay. Been a leader with an eye for the top seat, how should Kenyans expect you to lead them. Uhuru Kenyatta, arguably a member of the richest family in Kenya. Speak up and state your position. That's what leaders do. Stanley Githunguri, quite old, so rich. Pay up your taxes.

Some Mps are genuinely broke for sure. Now that is where a walk to Times Tower should come in handy. Let them go and negotiate a unique payment plan for themselves in installments that will not shut down their lives. Hiding in packs will not do anyone any good. Speaker Marende should have realised that some funny MOU's will not get the backing of even the junior most magistrate. Here is a list of some mps who are still admant of not payijng their taxes.

Those capable but yet to pay
Uhuru Kenyatta
William ruto
Stanley Githunguri
Ephraim Maina
John Michuki

Mps who have refused to pay adamantly
Eugene Wamalwa
Fred Kapondi
Mwangi Kiunjuri
Kenneth Marende
Elias Mbau
Charity Ngilu
John Mbadi
Mutula Kilonzo
Joshua Kutuny
Olago Aluoch
John Pesa
Jamleck Kamau
Shakeer Shabir
Orwa Ojode
Asman Kamama
Among others...

Most mps have resorted to silence and that is proof that they are not willing to pay but are also not willing to be victimized by the public. Whether some mps have paid silently is quite likely but next to impossible considering the publicity every politician would love.

Threats of stripping off the spouses of the top three their benefits have been floated. Also stripping off the retirement benefits of the president has been considered as an option. As that is been done, please remember to pay your taxes honourable members. Not paying taxes for anyone with an income of below Sh 30,000 could be welcome news to many, but please do not use emotions to make a move that would spell disaster for the Kenyan economy.

Monday, 20 June 2011


For impunity to end at the treasury, Kimunya must go.Those were the words of Bonny Khalwale, the former chief prefect in Parliament. Impunity was the order of the minute in Kenya and 'IMPUNIZED' politicians tried their best not to cross Khalwale's paths. Just the thought of siphoning public money into foreign accounts was enough pressure on Khalwale's toes and few stepped his toes and failed to regret.

With the few remaining reformers from the 90's, naming but a few, Martha Karua and Gitobu Imanyara, Bonny Khalwale would be the protector of the grassroot man. When it came to matters national policies, he wanted the best for the masses, the rest fought for their a#ses. Bonny became a force to reckon with, both in parliament and beyond. He was an orator or at least he tried. His confidence was unrivaled and his intelligence unquestioned. He may have been a medical doctor but he brought lawyers to shame on matters law.

Very rarely was he associated with any tribal groupings, and for that he must have been proud. His face was intercounty and his figure national. His praises were sang from the lake to the sea through the mountains. He was strong, brave and charismatic. He united his people through a sport few would only feel safe watching from a screen. Through Khalwale, many came to understand bull fighting, and for that again, he must have been proud.

Some time back, trouble began with the man of the mass, Dr Bonny Khalwale. A court overturned his election into parliament but again he proved the court wrong by winning the seat again. Minus the fast forward, a lot happened during the campaigns and the 'enemy of the people', Prime minister raila Odinga, stepped on the late Khalwale's shoes. Just like many other politicians, he joined forces with the enemies of his new enemy. The first sign of this tragic disease revealed itself when the former hero added his voice in support for the nomination of one controversial Keriako Tobiko, as the man to supervise his new friends court cases. Many political doctors did not think it was severe, in fact the symptoms displayed a mild case of influenced decision syndrome. Arguably, it was agreed that the 'peoples enemy' was opposing the nomination he approved, through proxies, and as a rule of the game, do not side with your enemy however right he may be.

Kenyans did not read the danger signs till after Bonny treated his enemy's enemies/frenemies to a party, reportedly a homecoming party for him. One of them was the man on who Khalwale had earlier tried to duplicate his success on Kimunya. Some maize scandal had stepped on the late Bonny's toes but the culprit was lucky enough. Perhaps some one did not remind Bonny what his new friends have been accused of. Perhaps someone did not tell Bonny what one of his new friend has been up to all his life, well it may be too late now but  maybe he may read this and see that his friends are accused of:- crimes against humanity, forceful deportation of people, mass murder. Been the genius that he was, am sure he can insert whatever legal synonym and come up with a few other charges.
A few days ago, one of his new friends was found 'innocent'. Enough said. Kenyans want back their Bonny Khalwale.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


William ruto finally appeared on the popular show Churchill Live. This comes just two weeks after his frenemy Raila Odinga did the same and several weeks after Uhuru Kenyatta pioneered the list of serious presidential hopefuls joining Churchill on stage. Just like the others, Ruto looked for the attribute he is not really known for and brought it out fully. Prior to the show, very few people knew him as a staunch christian and an unshakable patriot.

Ruto almost broke the crowds ribs when confronted with the question of what he would ask Ocampo if he ever met him on one of the dark streets of Nairobi. He replied that he would quote a bible verse talking about the truth setting him free to the delight of the audience. His trademark cap was as usual with him, and asked the reason behind him wearing it always, he didn't mince his word on his patriotism.

What however surprised everyone was his straight denial of some story appearing some time back on a popular backstreet newspaper, claiming he had an affair with Emmy Kosgei, the Taunet Nelel singer. He demonstrated lots of bravery by mentioning Emmy Kosgei's name considering his family was present and not many politicians would even whisper about their alleged love lives, whether true or false.

The appearance of Uhuru Kenyatta seems to have provoked other politicians who now seem to be craving for a piece of Churchill .Very soon we should expect the vice president Kalonzo Musyoka on the show.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


2012 draws closer and the politics get interesting. Before 2002, the politics revolved around Moi and KANU. In 2007, they arguably revolved more on tribe than Kibaki. In 2012, they will certainly revolve around one Raila Amollo Odinga, better known as RAO, to the online society.

Here is one man who has generated unprecedented amount of love, hate, suspicion, phobia and charisma within and without Kenya. It is no surprise that outsiders think he is 'his excellency' when they visit Kenya. Tame Raila and several heads of state will sleep well. As expected, forces will come together to try and defeat this one man. Others will come to be counted as having been with RAO. The headache for the Right Honourable gets worse by the clock. Who to keep, who to fight and who to bring on to TEAM RAO. The following is an ingredient that Raila can only improve on without subtracting if he wishes to be in state house in one and a half year's time.

The first and most important part for such a situation and with the stake been so high, DO NOT lose any more friends. for the past several months, RAO has been losing friends faster than he has been making. With only one year before the election, that's a big no no.Hold on to the few remaining and give them a sense of safety in that TEAM RAO is still the team to beat. Been the football fan that you are, I'm sure you've heard of Jose Mourinho the motivator. The reason he won the King's Cup, against the best team in the world was his ability to motivate his team. Those were his own confessions. It wont take long for Shebesh and Mbadi to stop screaming if they smell defeat. There is however a catch to your ability to motivate, you also have to be motivated.That brings me to the second ingredient.

How do you motivate yourself? The greatest motivation a politician can get is seeing people burning in the sun as they wait to listen to him.Definetly people will come out to see you as they always have. However, there is one component of the public rallies that has been missing for quite some time now, your escort. What will people think when the Right Honourable is accompanied by an assistant minister and two mps. This also has an effect on your esteem and motivation and going back to no.1, you need self motivation for you to motivate TEAM RAO. It is also not right in the public rally to only have members of your backyard in your escort. You have to look into this, but of course for you to have a strong escort, you must have a strong team.

A strong team will not be built by first timer mps unfortunately. As much as several politicians are decorating their CV's in your camp, I would not really advice you to include them to your starting team. The politicians with a name already would make a better team. By better I don't mean in service delivery were you to carry the day, but in been acceptable in the eyes of the people. As much as it may tempt you to bring Sonko into team rao, DO NOT. Ababu is okay but not ready for the main mainstream. The politicians who can take you to state house are the likes of, Balala, Ruto, Mudavadi, Ngilu, or in short, if you can stitch back the pentagon, do it.

Thirdly, there are some regions you cannot afford to lose. with Nyanza in the bag, You must be the most comfortable politician, no other person can boast of such. However, Nyanza will not deliver state house, it may help but any one will tell you that state house will come from: Western, Coast and Rift Valley. Don't expect anything from Central, expect between a third and a half of Eastern and maybe a half of Nairobi. That you may not be able to change, but on the first three provinces, you can change. Western is arguably yours to lose. With the slight headache in the clothes of Eugene Wamalwa, you can pull a 70% victory. By the way the only medicine to Eugene is assuming he is not there. Never contemplate mentioning his name in public and he may never even make it to parliament next time. If he jumps to your ship however, welcome him and make it clear from the word go that his seat is at the back. To the coast, you have several options. Substitute Balala for Joho or decide to keep Balala. I may not give you very sound advice on this one. The migraine is in the Rift Valley. How on earth are you going to bring Ruto to TEAM RAO? That I don't know but I know that he is a very key ingredient for state house. I tend to believe it would be better for you in the Rift if Ocampo fails.

Kenya is changing, and especially with the aftermath of 2007/8, some people became more nationalistic. Without a doubt you are the one who strikes a more nationalistic figure of all the frontrunners. That must be safeguarded and only improved. Association with other nationalistic leaders may also do you well. Why can't you bring Peter Kenneth, Martha Karua, Gitobu Imanyara and Bonny Khalwale to TEAM RAO, just a thought.

Raila phobia is much entrenched than you may imagine. The only way you may calm people's nerves  to the mention of the name Raila, is by showing them your other 'human' side. Appearances on TV, not on political missions but on private affairs may boost your image. You may have heard that your appearance on Churchill live was an online trending  topic. As a matter of fact, national politico's small post on you and the song Kigeugeu went viral and quickly became the most popular post. This shows the interest your private life generates. Just let it out and you may gain some ground.

Sure you have heard of facebook, everyone is there. You cannot miss an opportunity to address the best attended rally am sure.Get active on facebook. By this you will beat your friend Ruto who keeps on referring to age, yet he is not active on facebook either, as his age should dictate. Also you may catch up with Martha, currently leading the pack (Kenyan Politicians on Facebook) and Uhuru also closing in. Been probably the busiest person in Kenya, brain wise, you may not have time to keep on updating, sharing photos and poking friends. However, you may hire someone to do it for you. All you will have to do is to write a short sentence before you sleep and the pap!.

Finally, pay attention to small details. Some of the commentaries your adviser Miguna Miguna writes fall short of impressing. Make sure he does not overdo it. He may be writing ill of a person who you may run to for votes.

The ingredients are many but the ones above cannot be substituted. Want a strong TEAM RAO, then improve on them.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Do You Want Keriako Tobiko As Your DPP?

The heat on one Willy Mutunga seems to have cooled down and now turning to DPP nominee Keriako Tobiko. An intelligent man by all measures, Keriako was appointed or nominated for the director of public prosecution in a less than transparent way we must admit. As opposed to the nomination o f mutunga and Baraza, the name of Keriako Tobiko only surfaced from almost nowhere.
That makes me ask the question, is there something we are not been told. Were there some powerful forces that seconded the name Tobiko and ‘appointed’ him DPP. If I were you I would not rule that out. Even before he gets the job, his name has been tarnished by allegations of corruption and lack of prosecutorial will for big guns. The Ruto land case has been given as an example. Even after new evidence emerged that a very important witness had been given an equally important job by the suspect, William Ruto, Tobiko  did not take any action.
That he has been integrated into the system is undeniable. That he is corrupt is also almost  undeniable. Sammy Kirui claims that Tobiko used proxies to demand a bribe of 5 million from him so that the case Kirui had could be dealt with. Am not saying we believe Kirui, but am saying we better take him almost seriously. Why on earth would you risk your reputation by repeating such allegations if at all they are lies?
PLO Lumumba also had his say on the conduct of Tobiko and he didn’t mince his words on the latter’s intelligence. He was however quick to point out that tobiko never used that intelligence for the good of ckrc. That he has also pointed out in his book.  Tobiko is also said to have been very close to power during the Moi days and he somehow struck a rapport with the new government and that’s how he succeeded Phillip Murgor. Seriously, I ask, do we expect someone that close to power to prosecute the same people in power?
Attorney General, Amos Wako also had his say and he heaped praises on Tobiko. Is Wako the type of man whose opinion on such a matter is seeked. Maybe because he is the attorney General he is, but because he is WAKO, I don’t think his opinion matters. I mean, to a thief, another thief is the right man. With those, plus many allegations, many of which probably will remain in the dark, Kenyans should trend carefully on this one. Don’t be blinded with, “he was the best A level student in 84”. 

Friday, 3 June 2011

Raila Hides Behind Kigeugeu To Hit at Ruto on Churchill Live.

Questions have started been posed as to whether prime minister Raila Odinga's praise for the song KIGEUGEU by Jaguar on Churchill Live carried more meaning. Raila was responding to Churchill's question on his type of music. The prime minister candidly gave the song kigeugeu as one of his current day favourite. When time came to dance to its tune, the prime minister could clearly be seen to be in the wrong place. This came after he had treated the audience to a reggae tune thus showing, if he had the Kigeugeu words, he could have sang.

Already, some conspiracy theorist masquerading as radio hosts, bloggers and 'political analysts' have already concluded that the it was by design not coincidence that the prime minister chose a song he had little knowledge about, as his 'favourite'. The general feeling among most of the conspiracy theorists is that Raila took the stage and hit out at Ruto hiding behind Jaguar.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


With 2012 around the corner, politicians have now taken their battle to social media. By their numbers, they are taking facebook by storm and are most probably competing for the largest fan base. Perhaps they learnt a lesson or two from Obama's 2008 presidential campaign or they have realised the number of votes laying idle in facebook and twitter.

Martha Karua is probably one of the first politicians in the country to realize the potential in facebook. She is also known to be one of the most active politician in the social media. She will be remembered for facebooking while she was on the podium during the promulgation of the new constitution. At the time of posting this article, she has 133,541 likes on facebook and most probably the most liked. She is also lucky to have acquired her real name as the facebook user name before an impersonator did it. Her link is

Raila Odinga is another politician who has taken politics to facebook.  The only problem with the |Railas in facebook is the fact that it is not clear who is in fact the real Raila Odinga. One of calls himself public figure and is actually the one with the most likes standing at 66,049. The other who is the most active and ranks higher than the 'public figure' calls himself politician and has 34,002 likes at the time of posting this. Here are the links to the two.

Uhuru Kenyatta is also on facebook and has a very substantial fan base standing at 71,908. He recently used the platform to ask for budget suggestion and also to mourn the death of Samuel Wanjiru. He also posts photos of his rallies and of late campaigns in Kamukunji. Here is his link.

Kalonzo musyoka has not been left behind and has of late been very active on facebook. He has also given a very comprehensive bio on his info page and has provided numerous links to his many websites and blogs.He has 12,996 likes at the time of posting this. Here is his link.

Peter Kenneth's page on facebook is very well maintained and customized with his twitter account. His info page is also well fed and that's where you find out that he 'likes' churchill. He currently has 35,456 likes. His link is.

William Ruto may pass as the most inactive politician on facebook. His wall is actually filled by fans comments and he rarely posts anything. But the kkk could not pass him without him asking his fans their opinion and over 2000 came by. His inactiveness hasn't  prevented him from bagging 45,249 likes. His link.
Other politicians on facebook include:

Najib Balala: 16,007 likes..

 Mike Sonko: 46,911 likes..

William Kabogo: 2,217 likes..

Ali Hassan Joho: 4,716 friends..

Some of the politicians might have opened normal facebook accounts where your number of friends is limited and thus not featured here. Overall this is the list of the politicians in the order of the most followed first.

1. Martha Karua          133,541  likes
2. Uhuru Kenyatta           71,908  likes
3. Raila  Odinga               66,049 likes
4. Mike Sonko                 46,911 likes
5. William Ruto                 45,259 likes
6. Peter Kenneth               35,456 likes
7. Najib Balala                  16,007 likes
8. Kalonzo Musyoka         12,996 likes
9. Musalia Mudavadi           4,951  friends *
10.Ali Hassan Joho              4,716 friends  *

* Unconfirmed identity.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


2012 is calling and politicians are getting ready. With no exceptions, any mp with plans of been in parliament post 2012 is clearing the way for himself or herself. As with any country, Kenyans are influenced so much by the media that the media now literally thinks for Kenyans. A case example is Citizen TV which has a religious following upcountry. Anything appearing on the station is law and if you doubt it, just ask anybody and the response will be, it was on TV. Mind you TV is Citizen. A different station with a conflicting side of the story will not be given a chance to complete it without the dial been invoked. By the way, by upcountry, I meant Central Kenya.

With politicians fully understanding the power wielded by the media especially TV and radio, it is no doubt that some of them have positioned themselves strategically to utilize this avenue. The 'positioning' comes in different ways, either by acquiring established stations, creating new ones or even befriending top managers and editors in certain media houses. The 'positioning' has spared no side of the political divide. Here is a list of media stations some of our mps control.

UHURU KENYATTA :- K24, People, Kameme, STV
        Through TV Africa Holdings, the DPM acquired Matiba's People newspaper and Rose Kimotho's media max. Back in 2007, TV Africa had bought STV from veteran Hilary Ng'weno. STV airs foreign news but speculations that it can be rebranded into a local stations are rife. It is not clear the percentage ownership in K24 and Kameme, but it clear the % is enough to give him live coverage, or to even fire Luis Otieno if he fails to tow the line.

MOI'S FAMILY :- Mzee Moi and his son Gideon are the largest shareholder in Standard group,owning KTN, Standard newspaper and lately Radio Maisha. The other shareholders are Joshua Kulei and some very minor shareholders. Whoever gets Gideons favour is expected to leap the benefits but the likelyhood of Raila been the one are very minimal considering his history with the old Moi.

SK. MACHARIA :- Definitely the most recognized media owner in Kenya. He owns The Royal Media family that does not need any introduction. One TV station and over ten radio stations. All this are expected to be for Uhuru to use as the elections approach. This is guided by the open secret of SK's support for the old man Kibaki.

WILLIAM RUTO :- Surprisingly, many Kenyans are unaware that Kass fm is firmly in Ruto's arms. According to sources, Ruto's stake in the stations is said to be in the 40's %. This will definitely come in handy as we progress.

NAJIB BALALA :- Sheki fm


JOHN MUTUTHO :- Unconfirmed reports say that he has a stake in Countryside fm, formerly Bahasha fm .

RAILA ODINGA :- Has not invested much in the airwaves and that may cost him dearly. He however owns a not so popular Radio Umoja and Namlolwe fm.  He is however said to enjoy close contacts at the nation centre and whether that will translate to favourable print and airtime is yet to be seen.

CHARITY NGILU :- Said to own a Kamba station, Mbaitu fm. She is also said to have a stake in Syokimau fm
JAKOYO MIDIWO :- Lake Victoria fm

It is widely believed that several undocumented mps own slices of other small stations or are members of the board. This influx of politicians in the media industry is alarming and may transform the Kenyan media to be for the politicians, of the politicians and by the politicians.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


The remarks by Eldoret north member of parliament William Ruto concerning the appointment of Willy Mutunga shows some form of phobia for this man. Ruto commented that Mutunga's wearing of an earing shows a rotten society that can only be saved by prayers. True to his tradition, the mp also added 'salt' to the wound by claiming that Mutunga communicates with some evil spirits with the earing. This was in response to Mutunga's remarks that it represents his spirituality rather than his sexuality.

Those remarks by some one who has eyes for high office shows some form of fear. Whether Ruto fears that his many cases will be reopened or concluded in a fair system is very possible. Ruto may also be afraid of been on the same side with his sworn enemy Raila Odinga who is expected to approve the nominations. However Ruto is expected to face opposition even from his close confidants some of whom have already taken positions behind the Mutunga and Baraza.

Monday, 16 May 2011


The world, on 16/5/11,  woke up to the news of the death of olympics gold medalist Samuel  Kamau Wanjiru. Various accounts of his death are already in circulation but the most credible one is actually the wikipedia version which claims that his wife came home from an undisclosed location only to find his husband with in the bedroom with another woman. She apparently locked them in and ran out again to an undisclosed location. Out of rage, Samuel Wanjiru jumped out of the balcony reportedly to catch up with her wife. That is the moment the 24 year old Wanjiru met his death.

The official statement from the commissioner of police however claims that he committed suicide. However many agree that it is highly unlikely that he actually planned his death.

It will be remembered that the marriage between Samuel Wanjiru and his wife has been in the rocks for quite some time now and although they had seemed to make up, that will come to doubt now that the circumstances leading to his death prove otherwise.

Among his personal achievements are the Chicago and London marathon of 2009 where he was first and of course the Beijing Olympics marathon where he also won a gold. Been only 24, a lot remained for him to achieve but fate took over. May God rest his soul in peace.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


That fuel money is been raised in anticipation for a hot race come 2012 is obvious. No matter how rich this greedy politicians are, they still don't want to use their money for campaigns. So what do they do, they raise the price of fuel by about ten shillings in a month and make sure it remains there till 2012. Assuming one million litres are consumed daily, that's 10 million shillings daily. Till election time that will have accumulated to almost 5 billion shillings. That is a lot of money to run any campaign by whatever standards.

The 2012 elections are ridden with a lot of uncertainty and speculation and thus need a lot of reserve just to be on the safe side. Offices that will be vied for include the governorship and senate and of course the head of state. For any one to rule this country comfortably in future, control in all this aspects has to be ascertained, and what better way to control them than having your people in them. Now, getting your people in them is the hard part and of course a lot of money will be used. No president would want to have a situation where senate orders him to hand over the ICC suspects to the Hague. None of the top contenders would desire a situation where the houses establish an independent system to try all the other suspects.

Back to the oil money, that two ministries are involved is no secret. The first and most important ministry in this arrangement is the ministry of energy. This is the one responsible with the implementation. It announces price hikes and working behind the scenes are very brilliant minds with the mandate of coming up with reasons to fool everybody every time. As with every conspiracy, the reasons have to be very technical to avoid the scrutiny of the 'ignorant' public. At times they blame the energy regulatory commission for not doing its work. With that they are just making us believe  that the ERC is a very distant entity to the ministry of energy which in reality is not true.

Ministry of finance is the other ministry in this fuel conspiracy. Its function revolve around handling the money and other logistical matters. At its helm is the man who we believe the fuel conspiracy of 2011 for 2012 revolves around.

Just a few days ago, the president convened a meeting with the minister of finance and his energy counterpart. It was widely expected that the prices would go down considerably after that meeting and also after the taxes were reduced. Several days down the line the prices went up again. What exactly was discussed in that meeting will remain a mystery but for sure nothing to do with reduction of prices was discussed. Perhaps the significance of the shillings added to every litre in relation to 2012 was explained to the president and perhaps he blessed the good thinking of his people. Don't take that seriously but maybe you should.

Monday, 25 April 2011


Since the Ocampo six arrived from the Hague and attended their home coming bash, there has been very little politics in the country and the silence is deafening. Every week, we were all glued to our screens listening to the bickering of our politicians. Until two weeks ago, watching news was fun. Whether or not you like the uhuru and ruto alliance, you most probably loved listening to them. Now, none of them is talking and watching of news is no longer a priority for many.

Many of us cried that the media blackouts the ocampo two and I think uhuru and ruto indeed read the mood and blackouted themselves. As a result of that, news have lost taste and all I hear is the food prices. I acknowledge that the media is highlighting the plight of ordinary mwananchi, but I don't think ordinary mwananchi has been programmed to sit down and watch the 9. oclock news to the end if there is no political noise. I dont know how we got here but I know if Kenyan's continue like this, we will not end well.

Part of the reason for the obsession with politics is the media itself. Over the years they have fed us tonnes of it and miles of it in print. They would rather rush to cover a politician giving a stupid statement than cover some story that will keep Kenyans laughing the rest of the night. Citizen recently launched a series called truth meter on sunday live. The reasoning must have been that the kenyan politico class  would continue making remarks that would make it a must watch. However, watching it this sunday showed that it has failed to serve that purpose well. Throughout the week, little political statements were made and thus truth meter was giving us info that we already have.

The catchy headlines that characterized our newspapers are also gone. This has without a doubt left the media with decreased revenue. Maybe politics is indeed the driving force for many businesses and lack of it is been felt everywhere. You better watch this space because the next time there is a big political function, the media will breathe and bloggers will write.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


According to Rev. Timothy Njoya, Kenyans are mistaking the two thieves on the cross for Jesus Christ and the two thieves are working hard to make people believe that they are in deed the sons of  God, going down because of the sins of others and will eventually come out heads high. According to Njoya, they are making us believe they will have suffered not for their sins but for the sins of one man they love referring to as Kimundu.

That was Njoya on Capital talk, and his words, though said in a rather radical manner should get Kenyans of goodwill thinking and reasoning. Njoya appeared very disappointed in the men of cloth who have been offering prayers to the Ocampo 3. I use 3 because I have listened to the voice of Kenyans who have raised concern over the victimization of the whole bunch of Ocampo 6, yet it is only one half that has the guts to open their mouths and feed Kenyans what they themselves don't even believe in. Njoya went ahead and commended Cardinal Njue and cannon Karanja for not joining those in the entourage. That opened my eyes to the fact that on national holidays, or when an event beneficial to the nation is taking place, that is the caliber of religious men who will be invited. For the dirty works however, only those business men hiding behind the pulpit plus a few select men from the mainstream church who are after building royal contacts, will be invited. As all this is happening, a group of IDP's is on their way to Nairobi from Gilgil on foot. No religious leader is waiting to meet them.

What has Kenya become? Where in the world would priests compromise their faith to such an extent. Dining with sinners was Jesus' hobby but for the sole purpose of converting them to believers. The opposite is true for our case. 'Bishops' are dining with 'tax collectors', who by the way collected all the tax in '92 and spread it in 2008 for obvious reasons, not to convert them but to receive favours and maybe some of the tax from them. I would love to see a follow up by our mainstream media on the credentials of some of these pastors, but with stations like Citizen which will give suspects of crimes against humanity a whole free 5 hours of airtime as their homecoming gift, then I may never see that happening any time soon.

It is time Kenyans single out the crosses of the two criminals and stop deliberately mistaking them for Jesus' cross. It is time Kenyans crucify Barnabas.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Festus Mwangi Kiunjuri, the three times mp for Laikipia East constituency is thirsty, thirsty for power. For long he has been plotting his kingship of the cetral region post Uhuru Kenyatta. He is one of the mps quietly, praying for the confirmation of charges against Uhuru and co. at the ICC. With the prince around, Kiunjuri will never make it past a member of parliament and he knows that. He may seem close to the deputy prime minister on camera but they both know they are using each other on their way to power. Uhuru uses Kiunjuri in organizing rallies and doing some grassroot mobilization, while Kiunjuri uses Uhuru as his ladder to chiefdom.

In the process of riding on Uhuru's name, Kiunjuri has taken it so personal in his fight against the common enemy Raila, that he even threatened the attorney general to sue him or he would sue him himself. Going back in history I don't see anywhere Kiunjuri has collided with the prime minister and so such vigour in fighting him is questionable and the only explanation is his quest to be seen as the true defender of the Agikuyu. It is part of his wider scheme of capturing kingship of central after ICC does its job. He realised  that he must attach himself to the king and maybe he may get the blessings, or after the king loses his throne, he may be close enough to the blue fabric and  may be a runaway king of the Kikuyu. Going with that mentality, he has alligned himself in a position where he will take credit for succesess  an example been the homecoming rally at Uhuru park where he was a key force in its organization, planning and eventual success.

With such an elaborate plan by Kiunjuri, several things stand on his way and the possibility of a king Kiunjuri are very unlikely. The most disturbing to him is that he is  unwanted. The forces of central Kenya have never imagined of a certain Kiunjuri leading them to state house and that is not changing anytime soon. There is no way a person who comes from a 'poor' family line with no royalty in its blood be their leader. That is the philosophy of the old men and those transitioning from young to old. These are the people who control the economy of central and even Nairobi. As one columnist calls them, they are the old money. They would prefer a person who goes to share a game of golf with them from time to time and that man is Amos Kimunya. He may not be the exact blue blooded man but he has somehow been touted as a possible replacement Uhuru if anything happens. This is partly due to his closeness to the first family.

Kiunjuri is also afraid of other emerging forces in central in the name of Peter Kenneth, Martha Karua and to some extent Jeremiah Kioni who am made to understand competes for television airtime with Kiunjuri. He understands that for him to beat a field of such people a miracle must happen, and he is pursuing the miracle. Till that moment he sees the kingship going to someone else, he will continue to pursue it. Until then, he believes we are in the Pre- Kiunjuri period.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


How much does it cost to hold a political rally in Kenya. It can be looked at in different perspectives depending on the influence of the politicians and the intended gains from the rally. A political rally two years after an election will cost far less than one two years before an elections. In this calculations, the latest political rallies by PNU wing are case examples and particularly two rallies, the Murang'a rally and the Uhuru Park rally.

Now, for the deputy premier, he enjoys massive support in central thus quite little is spent than in the much cosmopolitan Nairobi. In Murang'a two weeks ago, a massive rally was witnessed in Ihura stadium, the venue of crowning UK king of central. It is however quite funny that despite the support he enjoys from that place, hundreds of people were ferried to the venue from different parts of the country. An average of 100 fourteen seater matatus were used for that job. It is worth noting that 100 is an approximation and the number could be much higher but according to accounts of Muranga residents, it can't be any lower. Surprising is that some of those matatus made more than one trip. Now, lets work with a hundred, assuming that each was been paid sh 5000, That is without much mathematical involvement half a million shillings on the matatus alone.

Working closely with the 14 seaters, were the larger 50-60 seater buses. About 10 were used and assuming each takes home sh 20,000 per day, they all take home sh 200,000 collectively. Both the matatus and the buses take home at least Sh. 700,000.

Now the more complicated part, every ferried soul has to be paid. With the calculations above, at least 2000 persons were ferried by both the matatus and the buses, i.e. 1400 for the matatus and 600 for the buses. Working with a downrated price of Sh 500 for a soul, that adds up to Sh 1,000,000. This amount is very much downrated and can easily be double or even triple since the ferried people could be much more, and some are not necessarily ferried but are paid to bring themselves.

Come to the miscellanous, the committee organising the people's attendance in the grassroot needs to be paid, the tents, if any need to be paid for, the stadium itself is paid for, the public address is hired, the roadshow truck is hired, the posters and placards are paid for plus a host of other undocumented items including the mineral water lying idle on their tables. All this will take at least another Sh1,000,000 with the bulk to the grassroot organising secretary who by the way are village men and women who are not going to let all that money pass them and leave them in full.

Sh 1,000,000 for the ferried crowd, Sh 700,000 for the ferries and Sh 1,000,000 for miscellaneous. That adds up to Sh 2,700,000. Lets make it 3,000,000 since I have not included the tens of boda bodas that form the outriders of the convoy. Believe me the amount is much higher considering the money that ends up in the wrong hands during all this process.

Those were the figures of Murang'a town. Now lets come to the capital, Nairobi. Stakes are very high here and the strongest show of might must be displayed. You will expect the number of those ferried to be multiple times that of Murang'a. Lets put it at x seven. Definitely, every thing else will be much higher and will probably be multiplied by seven. Please note that seven is a random number but is realistic considering crowds in the two venues. The 3 million shillings for Murang'a will round off to over Sh 20,000,000 in Nairobi.

You will note that we are only one year to the elections and the price is higher than it was last year. Next year we should expect the money used in a rally to be much higher.


This is a copy of the letter that was allegedly supposed to have been written by prof Anyang Nyong'o to the Luis Moreno Ocampo. It is note worthy that the prof had raised concerns of the circulating letter before it was read out to the crowd at Uhuru park.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Joshua arap sang, the most famous venercular radio presenter in Kenya, I greet you in the name of the true God. The God who does not eat ugali in anyone's house, and the God who does not let his children suffer in camps while those responsible are driving posh cars. I have no right to judge the religious you but I have reasons to believe we don't worship the same God. I apologise if I have gone off the mark but you have been hardened enough to bear with such remarks.

Mr. Sang, you have a gifted voice, a radio voice which you were surely given by my God. You have sweet words, if I were still in elementary school, I would have said they are sweet enough to get the snake out of its hole. You have impacted lives unlimited. For very valid reasons multitudes listen to you every morning religiously and you somehow glue them to their speakers. They trust you so much that they fund raise for your trip to Den Haag.None of your flock will hear anything of you been guilty.

It would be anyone's desire to get such following. The other two people who have it in their bag are Raila Odinga and William Ruto. The two are politicians but you are not. You are part of the most trusted body in the republic of Kenya, the media. You have a duty to bring Kenya together through your words. Looking  two years back, what did you do? You broke that duty bestowed to you by my God. Because of you, thousands were displaced and some are, still.

Now before anyone reminds me that you are innocent till proven guilty, let me state here that I am very aware of that and very much respect that. For justice to be seen to be done, you have to be given a chance to give your side of the story. But Kenyans of at least lower middle IQ understand that that is just a formality to eventually seal your fate. You put yourself in this mud and now you are muddy, very muddy. Mummy will lock you in the house till that time she decides you are mature enough to play clean. I see a situation where mummy will never be convinced you can play clean anymore and you will be locked in forever.

Mr. Sang, you have taken the role of a politician and have gone ahead to join them in political cum prayer rallies, praying to my God. Shame on those men of cloth who lay hands on your head. I've not seen any of them in any IDP camp doing the same to the residents there. Mr. sang, you have continued to insist you are not a politician and also not a member of ODM, yet instead of shutting your mouth like the major general and the ambassador, you have rolled up your sleeves working to convince us that you  were, are, and forever shall be a politician. Mr. Sang, you have the right height to turn it to your biggest asset as one inspekta puts it, but what do you do, well you know what you did.

Recently you have tried to convince us through the media especially through your friend Jeff, and I also understand you have done the same on 'what the world is saying' that you never spread any hate messages and all you did was to preach peace, peace and a lot of peace. I'm sure that you had the charge sheet  with you, and you never told Kenyan's that you are also accused of attending meetings planning how to cleanse the rift valley off the Kikuyu. Why haven't you been telling us that you are also accused of been given special coded messages that you spread on your show? You have only been telling us of a charge that many will for sure agree is false and rightly for reasons that they may not have heard you. Did you think it would never be known? definetly you knew it would come out but maybe your friend Ruto convinced you it was just another obstacle to power and it would be evaded easily.

Last night, 09/04/011, your friend Jeff brought the man you love hating to the bench. He confirmed that he did his own investigations and he has enough reasons to believe you are on the list legitimately. I've always wondered why you hate the man so much and I came to the conclusion that you know you are guilty but consider some others, not on the list, more guilty than you. That may be true but you have to understand that you were in a position capable of stopping the war or propelling it, but you chose the latter.

Why do I believe you are guilty as charged? well, I have friends from the rift and long before the violence stopped, they told me of your misdeeds. Soon after the Waki list was realesed, several of it were circulating in town and I had at least three different lists, I don't know which was true if any, but I know you were in all of them. I've read several reports of some unofficial 'investigators' and you feature high. Then to confirm what I had been reading and hearing, Ocampo mentioned you. Please, give us a break, why would Ocampo have sinister motives against you? Coming from Ruto is okay, but you, a nobody, why would anyone waste his time on you if you were indeed innocent?

You had a great future but you spoiled it, you have great words but you used them wrongly, you had many friends but you chose the wrong ones, now its your time to roast. I don't kow what my God has in store for you but I bet you won't be loving it.

written by, Daudi Kimathi

Saturday, 9 April 2011

CHURCHILL TO TAKE A BREAK : entertainment on politico

 As seen on
Kenya's top comedian is taking a break from his highly rated show to re-energize and re-strategise the show's future execution. In his absence, the comedian will be replaced by MC Jesse, who takes over from next week, in the show's Season three premiere.
There will be no break as was earlier scheduled due to new sponsors who have come in, among them PSI and Del Monte. "We have new people on board and we couldn't slot them in the last few shows so we decided to do seasons two and three back to back," says Churchill.
Churchill says the show's popularity also contributed to the decision of the continuous programming.
"Doing that show is no joke and I have done every show since the beginning and I believe I deserve a break to go and rejuvenate," he added.


Friday, 8 April 2011


created by . william ruto          Executive producer.Henry Kosgey
directed by. william ruto           Director of photography. Joshua sang
                      inspired by.  raila odinga
                                                   PG 45
25.8.06 .1529 H .GMT+3.Eldoret town

In a small room at  spark hotel in the city of Eldoret, sit four men. The leader of the four is well built but not muscular, tall and appears to be respectable. Next to him is a tall man, light skinned and appears equally respectable. On the other side of the oval table, sits a short and dark skinned man, dressed in a black oversized jacket. Next to him is another man dressed in a casual brown jacket, a pair of black jeans and some white sneakers, he appears to be in his early sixties. The leader stands up and gives some instructions to everyone and leaves the room. Everyone else does the same at different times.

 16.9.06 . 1906H

Enjoying some barbecue with his family outside his mansion, Williamson's phone rings. He looks at the number and excuses himself. The voice on the other side murmured something to do with 5 months.

28.02.07 . 0107H . GMT+3

A group of around ten men arrives in a white van at a mansion in the rift valley, Williamson's mansion. The gatekeepers  had been made aware of the arrival and  so opened the gate without delay. In the mansion was William and the man he had shared  a cup of coffee with 6 months ago. He is his deputy and his name is Henric. The ten men make themselves comfortable till after around 1 hour where they get to the main business of the day. Some red liquid is brought in a giant guard and after some rituals, each of them take a sip. They all swore in williamson's name. There was no turning back.

30.06.07 . 0219H. Eldoret

Two trucks arrive at Williamson's mansion. The guards did their duty and soon everyone was in the compound. Parked inside the compound was another smaller truck that had arrived there 3 hours back. Some small speeches were given and finally the smaller truck was opened. Inside was a huge collection of rifles. At least 200 AK 47, 120 AK Draco carbine, several Uzi's, many grenades and grenade launchers and a few bullet proof vests. Everyone got atleast two rifles with instructions on who to give the extra one.

09.10.07.  2145H. Kuresoi

Mary was just preparing to go to bed. She is generally a late sleeper but on this particular day she would have slept earlier had her husband not gone for a drinking spree, Her three children were dead asleep. Just when she locked her bedroom door, she heard very loud chants outside and without a doubt they were mentioning her second name. Some bottle with a flaming cloth was thrown into her house. She had heard of petrol bombs and she was now seeing a petrol bomb. Soon the kids woke up to the chocking of smoke. Mary tried to get open the door leading outside and something or rather someone cut her right hand  to the elbow. The kids tried to do the same and two of them lost their hands too. 
Their ash was buried three days later.

20.12.07. 0645H .Kapsabet  7days to D day

In a very busy market stood a very visible pole. It had become a monument there and it could not escape anyone's attention. This particular morning it was attracting unusual attention. On top of it was a female head. The owner of the crucial organ must have been in her late 80's. Laying around the market place were  several leaflets warning certain people that their fate was sealed and the same would happen to them.

28.12.07 .2000H Through out the rift valley.

All known weaponry was unleashed in the province targetting particular persons. Machettes, bows and arrows, grenades, G3's and anything normally used to safeguard the people was used to kill the people. Thousands ran from their home to any safe location, or though they thought. Police deliberately refused to take any of those running in their stations and churches were the next 'safe' place.

01.01.08. 0000H. Kiambaa

Tens of women and children and even men had crowded  Kiambaa PCEA church hoping that God would protect them from there. Mean while in Nairobi, Williamson gave marching orders for a mission which would be made public very soon. A gang of uncountable number of men launched an attack from everywhere and almost all the refugees ran inside the church. Just what they wanted. Several tanks of fuel were poured inside and around the building and a fraction of the human race died inside. 
one of the scenes in the movie

one of the scenes in the movie
This whole thing is fiction and all names used in the play in no way refer to any one .Any coincidence is highly regretted. 
Coming soon part 2

one of the scenes of the movie

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